Alexander Volkanovski Questions Immediate Max Holloway Trilogy

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Alexander Volkanovski isn’t thrilled with the idea of fighting Max Holloway for the third time. 

Earlier this week, Dana White made it known that he’s entertaining the idea of booking a trilogy fight. This would be back-to-back-to-back fights for these two fighters. 

Alexander Volkanovski On Immediate Max Holloway Trilogy

The UFC featherweight champion has given his take about this possible third encounter with the former champion. In this interview, Volkanovski made it known that he thinks it doesn’t make sense. Instead, he would rather fight some other top tier fighters. 

It’s pretty clear that like, you win back-to-back, two wins in a row. To make a third one, it just doesn’t really make sense, especially right now,” Volkanovski told Submission Radio (H/T to MMA Fighting). “Again, we know that last fight was close, but the judges gave me the decision, and that’s that. And in the first fight, even though it was competitive, I pretty clearly won that fight. So, to just give him another rematch straight away and put the division on hold, it just doesn’t make any sense. . .

“It was a close fight, and I understand why people want to see the fight again, but at the same time, I won twice back to back. So, it just doesn’t really make sense right now. It’s something that it can definitely be a big fight in the future as well. But for right now, I’ve got a division that I want to hold and I don’t want to keep on hold. So, I want number one contenders, I want some fresh blood in there. So, we’ll see who that is.”

Holloway lost to Volkanovski on December 14, 2019 at UFC 245 via unanimous decision. Their rematch took place  on July 12 at UFC 251 where he lost again by split decision. 

Ravens POV: Honestly, whether you thought Holloway won the rematch, it’s hard to make the argument for a third straight fight that went the distance. While yes, they were entertaining fights, it might be better to see Holloway go out and get his confidence by winning a fight or two before fighting someone that has defeated you twice in a row. Plus, it would be hard to sell a fourth fight if Holloway has already lost three straight. Throw in the factor of what if Holloway wins this third fight, does Volkanovski get an immediate rematch for the fourth fight? 

Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway 3 Is Hard Not Consider For Dana White

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