Anthony Smith Doesn’t Want Jon Jones Rematch, Eyes Another Fight

It turns out that Anthony Smith doesn’t want a rematch against UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones as badly as he wants to throw down with Thiago Santos. 

Smith will face Glover Teixeira in the main event at UFC Jacksonville on Wednesday night. 

Jones doesn’t have his next opponent slated yet but it will likely come down to a rematch against Dominick Reyes or a new fight with Jan Blachowicz.

“I’m not going to obsess over Jon Jones,” Smith told MMA Fighting. “The one time that my mindset went from trying to impress myself and put in performances that I could be proud of, the one time that it didn’t and it became about proving everyone else wrong and it became more about what comes with the title was the time I got burned. That was Jon Jones.

“If I’m on my game mentally, I don’t think anybody can beat me. But if things start to waiver a little bit, my mindset is in the wrong place, that’s where you’re going to screw yourself. That’s really what I’m focused on. If I’m focused on me and doing what I want to do, and not getting wrapped up in all the other bullsh*t.”

The Real Fight

“The Thiago Santos fight is the one I really want,” Smith said. “But those circumstances have to be right. I think Thiago, myself and our management all agree on that scenario. It’s been talked internally between the four of us. Those circumstances have to be right.”

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