Daniel Cormier Considered Comeback Fight Against UFC Champion

Daniel Cormier is no longer a pro-MMA fighter as he retired from the sport in August following his third fight with Stipe Miocic at UFC 252. 

However, the former UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion considered coming out of retirement for a showdown against current 205 king Jan Blachowicz. However, Cormier decided against it. 

Daniel Cormier Considered Comeback Fight Against UFC Champion

“I’ve got to be honest. When Jan Blachowicz was like ‘hey, you want to disrespect me, get off the couch and come fight me.’ And I think to myself maybe I’ll go fight Jan Blachowicz,” Cormier told MMA Fighting last week. “I’ll go fight him and get this done and then I can walk away.

“That lasted about 15 minutes and then I completely understood that I was completely done.”

“Obviously every great fighter feels they can win,” Cormier explained. “I was like ‘maybe I’ll go fight Jan Blachowicz’ cause there seems to be a path for that. When I left 205, I just kind of left. I vacated the title and now that this new champion is there with not that many big name fights on the horizon.

“Now he does now that he has Izzy (Israel Adesanya) but at the time he didn’t,” Cormier added. “It was either going to be Glover Teixeira or Thiago Santos. Well, if you’re looking at a Jan vs. Glover or Thiago, that’s a great fight but if you’re looking at a Jan Blachowicz vs. DC, that’s a bigger fight. It’s like oh my goodness this could be an opportunity.

“I thought about that for like 15 minutes and then I was like you know what? I’m good. The thought of going down to 205 [pounds] and all this other stuff. Yeah, I think I’m fine. That was it.”

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