Daniel Cormier Shares His Issue With Conor McGregor’s MMA Retirement

Daniel Cormier shared his take while doing a recent episode of his ESPN show with Ariel Helwani about Conor McGregor’s latest antics. 

The former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion took to social media following UFC 250 to announce his retirement. You can see the reaction of UFC president Dana White here. 

Cormier had an issue of the timing regarding the retirement because it took place moments after UFC 250 ended that was capped off by Amanda Nunes’ dominating performance. 

Daniel Cormier Shares His Issue With Conor

“I just wish Conor would pick better timing,” Cormier said (H/T to BJ Penn). “Because it’s like these fighters are giving themselves and their all to everything, and every time he does something like that it completely takes the story. Before Amanda got to the back to be celebrated, it had shifted to Conor McGregor. It’s cool man like okay, you’re the biggest star in the UFC, everybody knows it. But could Amanda have had her moment a little bit?”

“That’s the only thing that I don’t like about the timing,” Cormier continued when discussing Conor McGregor’s retirement. “I get it, I get that he’s upset and disappointed and wants to fight. We all want to see you fight. Man, let Amanda have her moment. She just put out this fantastic performance and now all anybody wants to talk about is what Conor’s doing.”

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