Diego Sanchez Defends His UFC Rio Rancho Fight Decision

As seen at the UFC Rio Rancho event on Saturday night from the that aired live on ESPN+, Diego Sanchez vs. Michel Pereira was bizarre on a number of occasions. From the pre-fight introductions of one fighter dancing to Sanchez acting like a rooster. 

Sanchez was down and got kneed in the head in the third round that resulted in him getting busted open and awarded the DQ win. 

After the fight, Sanchez defended his decision to take the win like this instead of going to the judges. 

“Did I quit? No,” Sanchez told MMA Junkie on Monday. “I got hit with a (expletive) serious knee to the head. I knew I was going down on the scorecards, I knew how things were rolling out. I made a smart, veteran decision because I know my face is, regardless or not of the last two minutes of the fight, my face is going to be covered in blood. The image is going to be painted on the judges. I already know. I don’t have a chance of winning that fight anymore. So, did I quit? I made a (expletive) smart decision to not put myself in some real danger where I would’ve been injured when that mother(expletive) hit me with an illegal shot when I was down.”

“I took a hard hit to the head. But I made the right decision,” Sanchez said. “I knew that maybe I was going down on the scorecards, I knew. But my opponent lost control. He did not have the awareness to notice that I had gone down from a shot to the ribs. That really injured me, that shot to the ribs. It broke two of my ribs completely. I went down. He did not have the awareness that I went down. He threw a fully powered shot to my mother(expletive) dome piece, that split my wig. Split my forehead. I’m not your average human being. It did not knock me out, but did it damage me? Yes.”

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