Dominick Reyes Thinks Winning UFC Title Matters More Than Dethroning Jon Jones


Title contender Dominick Reyes is the next in line to have a chance to dethrone UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. The two will square off in the headliner of the UFC 247 event next weekend. 

For Reyes, who is the underdog entering the fight, he thinks winning the title is more important than beating Jones, who has never suffered a technical loss outside of a DQ slide to Matt Hamil. 

“(If) I win the belt, I’m in the record books forever – period,” Reyes told reporters, including MMA Junkie, at a Thursday media event promoting the bout. “I beat Jon, now it’s the cherry on top. Now it’s creeping into legendary status. But that’s just a nice little cherry on top. For me, winning the belt is everything.”

“Every single person is trying to tell you that, ‘Oh my God, you’re fighting Jon Jones. What are you going to do?’ I’m gonna fight. I’m gonna do what I’m great at. I’m gonna do what I love doing. People think it’s a lot more. It’s still a fight. It’s just a fight.”

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