Floyd Mayweather Makes Interesting Admission About Conor McGregor Fight

Floyd Mayweather has spoken about his fight with UFC lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor. 

As seen in their boxing fight, the former UFC champion did show some good things in the ring considering that it was his first outing as a professional. However, he ultimately lost by TKO in the tenth round.

In a recent interview, Mayweather admitted that he didn’t train that much for the fight. 

”You know, for the Conor McGregor fight, I didn’t really train,” he told REVOLT TV. “All I did was just push-ups and sit-ups. That’s all I did, push-ups and sit-ups. Boxed a few times, hit the bag a few times. ‘Cos actually, training camp was in different places. I would do a training camp in Vegas a few days. Sometimes I wouldn’t go to the gym for a week.

”I took it serious, but like I said before, I wanted to have some fun in the fight,” Mayweather continued. “I wanted to entertain the people. So you know, just lead with that style that I had which was entertaining, it was fun, so that the people enjoyed it. So you have to give people a show, so I gave people a show. If I wanted to go out and f**k him up and blaze him right out the gate, I could have did that. But you know, my thing is if I would have did that, there probably wouldn’t be a part two.”

”Go back and look at All Access,” Mayweather concluded. “I was in shape, but I wasn’t probably in shape like the Arturo Gatti fight. I was in dog shape. Diego Corrales, I was in dog shape. I was running in the mountains.”

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