Gilbert Burns Thinks He Could Beat Nate Diaz With COVID-19

Gilbert Burns wasn’t pleased with the latest comments made by Nate Diaz. 

Last month, Diaz decided to have some fun at the expense of Burns and welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. They were supposed to headline UFC 251 before Burns tested positive for COVID-19. 

Fast forward to this past weekend when the news about Burns came out, Diaz took it one step further by sharing this tweet, which was a reference to Jorge Masvidal replacing Burns: 

Gilbert Burns On Nate Diaz

“He’s a journeyman. I think I can beat the (expletive) out of Nate Diaz any day of the week,” Burns told ESPN (H/T to MMA Junkie). “Even with corona on me, I believe I can beat Nate Diaz. I can outbox him, outgrapple him, I can slap that guy up easily. The guy comes out and (makes) those comments like – I’m a real fighter too, bro. I used to respect these guys a lot, but guess what? I’m a real fighter, too. You fought Conor (McGregor) on a couple of days’ notice. I fought a Russian guy, 20-0, on a couple days’ notice.

“It bothered me a little bit, because I’m a real fighter, too.”

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