Jon Jones Is Willing To Vacate Title Over Money Dispute With UFC

Jon Jones just dropped some interesting news over his issues with UFC management and shared his claims. 

The UFC light heavyweight champion did so in an interview with John Morgan. In this discussion, he talked about how due to his issues with the UFC not giving him more money to move up to heavyweight to fight Francis Ngannou then he’ll just take a step back. 

“They’re pretty much telling me no matter who you fight moving forward, your baseline is going to be stuck at the progressional rate that it’s at. I can talk as much shit as I want. I can post Instagram videos all day long and try to dress the best I can, but I can’t control who’s going to order the fight that night, so you’re tying my hands here in a way.”

“If this is how the UFC feels about me and that I’m really worth, and they don’t want to give me a piece of the pie in any way, then I don’t want to have to live by their schedule,” Jones said. 

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“I feel like I don’t have to answer to them if this is how they’re going to treat me. I’m totally fine with them vacating the belt, letting someone else fight for the belt, and I’ll come around I guess when I’m ready to, and I’ll see if they’re willing to pay for a really big fight. But as of right now, to fight Jan Blachowicz, what do I have to gain there? To fight Dominick Reyes? Any one of them, I don’t have much to gain in these situations.

“As a partner, it was always very clear that my best days would be when I move to heavyweight, but now they just shit on all that, and I’m hurt, to be honest with you.”

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