Jorge Masvidal Says He’s Set For Life, Doesn’t Have To Fight


Jorge Masvidal isn’t concerned about his future in the UFC because he’s set for life. 

In a new video uploaded on his YouTube channel, Masvidal said he is not worried if he never fights for the UFC again (via

The beef between the title contender and UFC brass started when Masvidal came out and questioned the payoffs from the promotion. He had been tied to fight against welterweight king Kamaru Usman, but that won’t happen due to Gilbert Burns taking his spot at UFC 251. 

Jorge Masvidal Is Set For Life

“If they don’t want to pay me what I am worth, it is cool man, I’m set for life. I don’t have to fight, I fight because I love it. I’m about to be 17 years [in], I don’t have to f*****g fight, I don’t,” he continued. “I love to do this shit but I’m going to get paid every f*****g time I to do it. If it’s Nate’s ass or whoever the f**k it is, it doesn’t matter. Just pay me what the f**k I’m worth. Of course, I would love to fight with Nate just because I didn’t get to put him to sleep how I wanted to.”

UFC president Dana White said during the UFC 250 post-fight press conference that Masvidal had signed a new 8-fight deal less than a year ago with the promotion. 

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