Jorge Masvidal Was Offered Last Minute UFC 251 Title Fight


Jorge Masvidal wants to fight but also wants to be paid for his efforts, which ultimately led to his expected title shot being pulled. 

A welterweight title defense by champion Kamaru Usman against Gilbert Burns is the main event of the UFC 251. Check out the betting odds here. 

Masvidal had been tied to getting a title shot against Usman, but that’s not the case. 

The UFC reached out in a final attempt to get a deal done for Usman vs. Masvidal. ESPN reported that the offer was for the same money Masvidal made for the bout with Diaz, but Masvidal turned it down. 

Jorge Masvidal Was Offered a Deal? He Responds

“I feel bad for Dana. He is just a promoter but he isn’t doing the deals with us. I already explained why I signed a new deal. It’s either take it or leave it and not get paid. I would’ve signed another deal if it was done in good faith. He called me night before he wants to announce and tell me take or it leave it. That’s not negotiating that’s strong arming

And for the #whiteknights that have commentating jobs with the ufc that say “just fight” you guys should be embarrassed to call yourselves current/former fighters. Not one of you been doing it as long as me and like me. There’s a reason you are “commentating”

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