Justin Gaethje Offers Bold Prediction For Conor McGregor Fight

Justin Gatheje likes his chances against Conor McGregor as he’s made a prediction for the possible fight. 

Gaethje is next in line for a shot against UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov. This comes after Gaethje beat Tony Ferguson at the UFC 249 pay-per-view event to win the interim lightweight title.

Both Gaethje and McGregor have expressed fighting each other. However, McGregor just retired, although that won’t likely stick. 

Should he emerge victorious against Nurmagomedov, then Gaethje wants the former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion. 

Justin Gaethje Gives Prediction About Fighting Conor

“I think he should wait for the winner of me and Khabib,” Gaethje told ESPN. “If I win, I think he definitely comes back. If Khabib wins, I don’t know. I’m not sure about that. (Conor’s) a legend, man. What he did was legendary status. I’ll never take that away from him. He deserves credit. He’s accomplished so much in this sport. What every fighter wants to attain, he accomplished, so hats off to him. I can’t wait to punch him in the face.”

“Distance control is the No. 1 factor in any fight,” Gaethje said. “It’s established in the first 30 seconds. It’s not visible, but it’s established, and that would be a huge factor in our fight. Who can control the distance? I think the best thing about me is I can kick the (expletive) out of people, so when they are trying to control distance or maybe they are winning at that, I can kick them in the leg and try to reset that. So I think I would knock him out to be honest.

“I think he’s got about three rounds, and then it’s hell, and he doesn’t want to go to hell, so I think he’s good for now.”

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