Kamaru Usman Shares Theory About Jorge Masvidal ‘Begging’ For Conor McGregor Fight


UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman is ready to fight Jorge Masvidal and they’ll do so later this year. 

While doing a recent interview, the 170-king stated that he thinks the Masvidal is doing everything he can to avoid fighting him. Thus, that’s the reason that the top title contender was ‘begging’ for a fight against Conor McGregor. 

“They’re doing everything possible not to fight me,” Usman told Joe Rogan on the JRE podcast (H/T to MMA Fighting). “They’re begging for a Conor fight. They’re begging for that fight. I get it. Let’s be honest. My manager said it, too — “if I was his manager, yes, why would I fight you? I’ve got all this hype right now. I would do everything possible not to fight you. Of course I want to fight Conor.”

“You fight Conor and lose, guess what? I still got the payday. Who cares. A giant payday. Who cares. He fights me, he goes back down to making [$50K] and [$50K] or whatever he was making before. All that hype is done.”

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