Leon Edwards Thinks Kamaru Usman & Jorge Masvidal’s Confrontation Was Planned

Leon Edwards has sounded off on the incident between Jorge Masvidal and UFC welterweight king Kamaru Usman that went down earlier this week where they exchanged words before nearly coming to blows. 

Days later, UFC President Dana White came out to reveal that this planned fight is targeted for July 11th as part of International Fight Week. 

According to Edwards, he thinks the incident was planned to get fight fans talking. 

“Was it planned? Why are the cameras following him all the way to Usman?,” Edwards said. “It’s basically planned because they’re walking for like, a minute with a camera behind him. That’s this game we’re in right now, right? It’s the social media era and the WWE era. That’s the way the game is leading at the moment. It is what it is. I’m just focused on my career and doing what I need to do and being what I need to be to achieve what I need to achieve.” (Transcription via MMA Fighting)

“You can tell that’s planned. The camera is walking behind him for a long way before he got to Usman so he was like, ‘Ah, we’re going to go do this.’”

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