Ranking Potential Opponents For Nick Diaz’s Return

Ranking the best five return opponents for Nick Diaz

With the recent news that the older Stockton brother was planning a 2021 return, many flew to the discussion boards to draw up fantasy cards. With so many names flying around, we decided to take a quick look and gauge the best fight for the fans, and for Nick Diaz.

Potential Opponents For Nick Diaz’ Return

#5. Conor McGregor (22-4)

Conor McGregor’s last fight answered so many questions, and created so many new ones. Donald Cerrone is no poor man’s fighter, yet McGregor’s 40 second destruction proved he could still hang with the welterweights. Nick Diaz spent the majority of his years in UFC at welterweight, even competing for the weight class’ championship versus Georges St. Pierre. There is history between the Stockton brothers and McGregor, with Nate Diaz submitting him in 2016, and going a five round war with him again later that year. Many believe The Notorious is not really finished with fighting, especially with his social media activity as of late, even calling out the younger Diaz several times. A returning Diaz, and a returning McGregor, would spell money for Dana White and Co.

#4. Jorge Masvidal (35-14)

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Jorge Masvidal had the biggest year of his life, from his brutal knock-out of Darren Till, his record knock-out win on Ben Askren, to the beating he lay on Nate Diaz, and the welterweight showdown on Fight Island with Kamaru Usman. Suddenly, he finds himself on the cover of EA’s UFC video game, earning thousands and thousands of dollars from his fights, even in losses, and being compared to the biggest names in the business. Gamebred represents the scrappy kid who never says die, even against the Goliath opponents that try to shut him up. Across the country, Nick Diaz has been the same exact thing. The Diaz Bros. are infamous for their loudmouth, bird-flipping, rampant behavior against any authority. Masvidal shares a kinship with fellow BMF Nate Diaz, Nick may want to come in and challenge for Gamebred’s black belt. Although Masvidal has his eyes on a different belt, Dana White may want him to build himself back up a bit by defending the BMF throne.

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