Robert Whittaker Opens Up On Recent UFC Absence

Robert Whittaker has finally opened up as to why he’s not been active inside of the octagon. 

Whittaker was scheduled to fight Jared Cannonier at the UFC 248 pay-per-view but pulled out. Whittaker vs. Darren Till will be the main event for UFC Fight Night in Dublin on Aug. 15.

While doing an interview, Whittaker, a former UFC middleweight champion, discussed why he’s been gone. 

“I just stopped,” Whittaker said. “Then (I) stood there, asking, ‘What the (expletive) am I doing?’ It was Christmas Day. My family was somewhere else. That moment, it’s when everything crashed.”

“I sacrificed everything,” Whittaker said to The Daily Telegraph. “My team suggested several plans which I took to and, because it worked, I just kept at it. But you can’t keep doing that forever, you just can’t. Worse than the physical grind, too, was the mental drain. I just wasn’t home.”

“I just wasn’t myself,” Whittaker said. “That’s the game though, you rock up and fight, but I know I can perform much better, and have performed much better.”

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