aliexpress please provide the missing information first

exhausting disputes . Nothing is born perfect — AliExpress is still young in cross-border express wholesale business and needs time to improve itself. However, I was not able to because I was informed that there was “unusual activity” on my account and so my account is locked. So what happened with all the entering my address, phone number, cc number, etc…!? If the buyer is unhappy about the item or purchase, he or she can submit a refund request to AliExpress to ask for a refund or a solution; 6. Ok, so please tell us, what happens next. Kungshu Phan Hardware Store is a fraud. a PROBLEM I WOULD NOT BE HAVING HAD MS. GLORIA/ALI EXPRESS GIVEN BACK MY MONEY. DESPITE MY SENDING ALI EXPRESS MORE THAN ENOUGH PROOF, THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING TO HELP ME TO GET MY MONEY BACK. I need to spend hours to be hopefully shure to get what i really want. So I opened my browser to go to AliExpress (just for the heck of it) to check the order. My order is 87626474172505 paid 699$ 4th Nov.2017 i received defective item immediately notify seller and agreed to return the item to get my refund, re shipped item back and reach destination since 6th Dec 2017, and it is in the custom for long time and the seller not taking action to take or clear from the their own custom. I RATED 1 STAR ONLY BECAUSE THERE IS NO ICON TO MARK FOR ZERO. I WAS TOLD THAT SHE WAS NOT AVAILABLE. All orders placed on AliExpress will be processed quickly, mostly within 1 week. Note that I have NOT logged out from my AliExpress account from the previous session, I just simply closed the browser. July 1, 2019 at 11:12 pm I know every time I go to PayPal they remind me my verification or some crap, is incomplete. They have a page with 16 faces on it claiming they have 24/7 customer support, but they DON’T! Read our research-based reviews and shop smart! Given such misunderstandings about AliExpress, I think I should share all of my familiar facts about AliExpress, which may help you more clearly identify whether AliExpress scam is a reality or not. Before coming to the conclusion of the price, first, you need to understand how AliExpress works and how suppliers add products and how they benefit. Maybe the rules of alliexpress and the behavior of the seller will become costomer friendly and more honest. the cover their fraudulent sellers . If 5 or 10 of 100 description is not correct i can understand. MAYBE IF ENOUGH CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF BY THESE CROOKS CAN GET TOGETHER AND TAKE JOINT LEGAL ACTION, WE CAN PUT BOTH ALI EXPRESS AND MS GLORIA OFFICIAL STORE/OTHER DISHONEST MERCHANTS TOTALLY OUT OF BUSINESS!!! I'm never going to scan/photo and send any of my IDs just to buy some crap from net. At last page they have an "Identity Verification" were you are asked for a pic of your Identity document plus this: Warning: Aliexpress will require all customers to scan their personal ID cards! If the buyer is unhappy about the item or purchase, he or she can submit a refund request to AliExpress to ask for a refund or a solution; 6. edit: I needed to select a color so.. LOL thanks anyways, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In some cases they’ve shown up in as little as a week! it takes them forever or no refund at all like me.. I have to find out which information is fake, strange or not written at all, cause it don`t let seam the product nice. Otherwise I’ve had computer cables, pens and children’s toys all show up. The one definitely to avoid is Yanwen Economic Airmail. So I created an account. Once you open a dispute against a supplier, AliExpress staff will take care of the mediation work. “BUYERS BEWARE!! 19. save. its been 4 months up today 5th Feb 2018 with no refund or news or decission by the Ali express. DON’T BUY FROM ALI EXPRESS OR MS. GLORIA OFFICIAL STORE!!!! Do not trust and AE and Instead, the webpage I was redirected to said that I should sign up for an account for better ordering experience. By clicking it, the coupon code will be automatically copied, AliExpress Review: You Must Read This before Shopping at AliExpress. Please do not use AliExpress. Facts about PLEASE CHECK FOR OTHER NAMES THIS CROOK MAY HAVE USED. After placing the order for the cable, my credit card was charged within 11 minutes! Had similar crap with Paypal, though they didn't ask any id but temporarily suspended my account. Personally never seen that crap. Clean up your act or lose business because you cant hide online. I’ve bought about 35 items off AliExpress over the last 10 years. I have placed an order for a EU converter tip for my MacBook charger for less than 4 bucks (including shipping). (Note that no order number of any kind or reference to the item I’ve ordered was in the email.) The seller guaranteed delivery of the product within 40 days or I was entitled to a refund. MY LAST EXPERIENCE ON ALI EXPRESS HAS BEEN HORRIFIC!!!! Small quantity orders are extensively accepted while for some items, minimum order quantity starts from 1 piece only; 8. I use only my two PCs at home. DON’T BUY FROM ALI EXPRESS (OR MS. GLORIA OFFICIAL STORE)!!!! Do not do business with andredi15 on eBay, possible scammer. PLEASE DONT BUY from ALI Express…there is NO buyer protection..they have seller protection.. Is ice hot or cold? This is usually done by clicking on the little photos under the Price on the item to correspond with the one you like. So I waited until next morning and tried again, same problem. ALIEXPRESS should be renamed ALIBEAWARE. This is probably what OP is asking for. For a better shopping better experience, please fill in and provide the following personal data. Did you use credit/debit cards with different names on them or shipping to various addresses/names? than 60 calendar days I have opened 15 disputes because the, Quote from: tautech on January 05, 2016, 09:29:17 pm,, Quote from: Yansi on January 05, 2016, 09:32:44 pm,,, Quote from: Yansi on January 05, 2016, 09:48:10 pm, Taupaki Technologies Ltd. NZ Siglent Distributor. Read this first. May as well have called me a dopey prick for dealing with your company. It’s not a human!!! As you can see, there are others who have been ripped off by Ali Express. 3 days ago. They have an “online chat”, which is basically a bot!!! Seems like a lot of places are like that these days. THIS HAS BEEN A GREAT STRAIN ON MY HEALTH. In the EU they sell the cable to 30 bucks (!) THE AUTOMATIC SYSTEM IS A RUN A ROUND. An express wholesale channel of, which was founded in 1999; So basically I am completely locked out of my account within 11 minutes, after I placed my first order and after my card was charged. REACHING A LIVE AGENT IS VERY DIFFICULT. Domestic transactions through Taobao are required to do identity verification for years. For those who are interested in shopping with Chinese stores, this site is an ideal choice to learn more about the credibility, reputation, company info, service standards and other details of the companies. r/Aliexpress: A subreddit to the greatest website for buying stuff direct from China. The site needs to be cleaned up as eventually buyers will take their business elswhere. So where is the 24/7 support!? WHAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT!? In order to unlock it, I have to go through hoops of verification, of which the final one was to provide my mobile number to get a verification code. IF THIS IS POSSIBLE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME! THEY ARE CO-SCAMMERS!!!!”. There's no way around it (as far as I know). Only one minor non-delivery problem, and I got a refund for that. 1. wrong sizes , goods other than described and in two cases the

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