arpi petrosyan interview

He proved it with the album “Endless Love” without any doubt. David Petrosyan is Armenian, born in Havari Hatsarat Village. Some bigger force directed him, beside playing keyboards, to be saxophone player as well. When I Look into Your Eyes ; 16. Forgive Me ; 3. Arpi Alto is a singer, songwriter, musician, performer and record producer from Armenia. Forces Within ; 4. David Petrosyan – “Endnes Love” – 1. He started his musical career at a young age, practicing day and night in order to achieve his goals. Christmas Eve, / /, © Copyright by Dragutin Matosevic. Welcome to Arpi Alto's Official YouTube Channel. Discography – Good Morning Love (2014) ; Endless Love (DP Music Production, 2018), List od musicians – David Petrosyan (alto saxophone, keyboard, vocals, music, arrangements) ; Stella Petrosyan (vocals) ; YZ (vocals) ; Sergey Arustamyan (vocals) ; Tigran Zhamkochyan (guitars, keyboard, Melodica, bass, music, arrangements, 16). Arpi Alto is a singer, songwriter, musician, performer and record producer. Furthermore, without his willingness to provide me with his current album, “Endless Love“, there would be nothing to complete it. David, as a jazz ambassador, contributes to expanding the base of those who will love jazz, to whom it will be a future choice. He started his musical career at a young age, practicing day and night in order to achieve his goals. Midnight Groove ; 12. My big privilege was to got in chance to meet this extraordinary musician. It’s Time to Chill Out ; 10. Talk to Me ; 11. Dancing with My Soul ; 9. 13,302 talking about this. Among millions of musicians on the internet, I met David who caught my attention with his music. The Unknown Dream ; 2. 41.8k Followers, 38 Following, 350 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Arpi Alto (@arpialto) 2000 - 2020,, VASKO ATANASOVSKI ADRABESA QUARTET – Phoenix. Endless Love ; 8. His father introduced him to the music and… Everytime You Go ; 6. I got his CD, had an opportunity to listen to his music, and you have the opportunity to read this review. With no intention of being better than these, local musicians, David managed to get his music closer to a decent proximity to them, if anything, to be equal to them. Space of Freedom ; 13. In the Island ; 5. Fortunately, the stars have lined up and we are where we are. Bliss ; 7. Everything that comes to my headphones is underlined by music that captivates attention and calls to listen more and more… It is hard to get caught up in a lot of new music and catch the attention of both – those who are familiar with jazz music and those who are just looking for ways to get along with that style of music. Now, he lives in Los Angeles (Pasadena, California), USA, with his dreams come true, playing keyboards + saxophone, creating his own music, making own arrangements and performing it. His education is related to his attendance to Musical High School, Eurasia International University in Yerevan, capital city of Armenia. DAVID PETROSYAN - Endless Love / DP Music Production, 2018 / CD, dig / smooth jazz / Armenia, USA David Petrosyan is Armenian, born in Havari Hatsarat Village. His father introduced him to the music and inspired him to be musician. The tone David brings with his saxophone and keyboards with his music to all listeners is special and striking. Deepness of My Soul ; 15. Sva prava zadržana. This Is My Way ; 14. His dream was to be master of keyboard instruments, to became an arranger of his own music. Several important facts have to be covered to get this review. Not to forget, playing jazz in a country that is considered his cradle, and being a stranger in that environment, is a circumstance that makes every success incomparably difficult comparing to the musicians who were born there, who, it would seem, carry jazz in their genes. Craze ; 17.

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