brocade san switch isl configuration step by step

Typically most SAN switches will have at least 8 to 16 ports. !��*�&��=� ��"���6�B9�O��B�gev��G��dn��C�#f�ƍ���"&� ���%�b,C��V�Xz�w�` Tel: +32 486 71 21 41 | Email: This binding is called zoning and it enables the devices to communicate with each other. moon-buddy. In the next step we are going to zone HBA1 with Storage Array port 1 and HBA2 with Storage Array port2. Optionally, you can enable the QOS on the ISL ports by using the following command: To check and confirm the port parameters use the following command: At this step the port is ready. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your SAN fabric should be ready now. To activate the port in LS (Long Distance Dynamic) mode enter the following command. Final Step: Now that we have created a configuration we must enable it for it to act, following syntax enables AppServer configuration. real_distance_km x 1.5 = ISL_logical_distance The article Essential troubleshooting command lines every Storage Administrator should know offers interesting stuff related to the switch administration. In that case, nothing can be done. SAN �܌�l�a�{�y�3�]��:G@���`!#�U��2�hFos�J��WFF�Sg˦3���|�b8�p��$���@|���H``vc`p:2����H�d`�������b`Ir��BEGH/d`����� � *䃬 A rule of thumb will be to multiply the real physical distance with 1.5 to get the ISL distance. I suggest you use the web interface and read the basic steps from the user guide. Most popular vendors of storage networking are Brocade and Cisco. from the two brocade 300 one switch as fabric-A core and another switch as fabric-B the both Hp San switches are connected as edge switch to fabric A & B. once completed ISL link between San switches . Configure LDAP over SSL for Primera and 3PAR, Disabling Telnet Port 23 on Brocade Switches, SANnav: Installing CA signed SSL certificate, HPE Primera LDAP Active Directory Integration, Implementing CA Certificates on HPE Primera UI. As an example let’s assume the following values, Switch Port 1 – HBA1 – 20:00:00:11:0a:02:29:b1, Switch Port 2 – HBA2 – 20:00:00:11:0a:02:29:b2, Switch Port 12 – Storage Array port1 – 50:01:10:80:00:ad:33:e8, Switch Port 13 – Storage Array port2 – 50:02:10:80:00:ac:f5:54. endstream endobj 810 0 obj <>stream 2,276 Views. Number of ports in the Brocade 300 (IBM SAN24B-4) switch The 24-port Brocade 300 (IBM SAN24B-4) switch can be licensed as an 8-port, 16-port, or 24-port switch. Before jumping into the procedure let’s spend some time to understand the basics of zoning. Cisco: How to Zone with Device Alias method, VMware ESXi step-by-step Installation Guide with Screenshots, vCenter: How to reset root password on vCenter Server Appliance 6.5, VMware: Configure Multipath Policy via PowerCLI, How to query and remove esxi host patches via CLI Command, Files that make up a VMware Virtual Machine. One of the most interesting parts of administrating FC switches is implementing ISL’s (Inter-Switch Links) between 2 datacenters. For terms and conditions please read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy page. At most SAN directors will have the ports more than 250. STORCOM BV is a registered company operating under the Belgian law. These steps must be done for each port. Dardan, Your email address will not be published. x�b```b``�b`e``x��π �@1v�l- In a MetroCluster configuration, these are the ports that connect the switch to the HBA initiators, FC-VI interconnects, and FC-to-SAS bridges. A value of 0 uses IDLE. Brocade SAN switches can be easily configured using the configure command. Therefore, even a small server room with SAN fabric is designed with two or more switches for redundancy. The WWPN that we just noted down is not easy to remember and it is not easy to type while zoning. The 20:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX that you see on the image is the WWPN of the device connecting in that port. Each device in a fiber channel fabric will have a unique Word Wide Name (WWN). �vqfȹ��J�8ګQ�Ds鼀�Z.�J���O�&-��(���F�T%͉�Ӧ2����֨u�����N���O������f�t^����I�� I��?3��ZM6�[��˕�-�n��lͥ�s�D�J*M���|���ӌ_.�ś�K;*g��LX��P��Su��ԓ_:.,s��e>7m혼�]�����)7�h Brocade SAN switches can be easily configured using the configure command. 10 | Fabric-attached MetroCluster Systems Brocade Switch Configuration Guide. @����#GBG C��A����n0��� �!�7���C'�7 Alias is a logical group of a single WWPN or a number of WWPN’s. A storage array can be directly attached to a host. The first step would be to design the SAN topology diagram on a paper and then accordingly move to further steps. Enable the switch and the ports using the following commands, Log on to the second switch and perform the same operations from. Zoning in Cisco is a work in progress. N��qʘ�p�P���+B!�bL_��"��L"@���"�Q�!�eZ��X����{嶟�D�8e4���2O�I! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. endstream endobj The answer is, to be able to avoid unnecessary traffic between devices participating in fabric and to enhance security. The steps illustrated in the article must be performed on the switch shell access. Next, we’ll need to calculate the ISL distance. Appreciate your feedback & thanks for stopping by. When you say that you want Brocade 48000's as principal switch, it implies that you want both of them to be principal and since there can't be more than one … This switched network is referred as Fabric. But in switch database, there can be multiple. We will use this WWPN of the connecting device to zone with another. In a traditional data center, fabric and the storage array is given more importance and are always redundant to avoid unexpected and unnecessary downtime. 07/11/2019 | Each switch will at least connect to another switch and it is called an ISL (Inter-Switch Link). The required value might depend on the link being used. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I will use 220 km as ISL distance. You can generate the Brocade configuration files using one of the following options: Using CLI: Log in to the Brocade switch terminal using the admin or other equivalent role with admin access. Apr 4, 2007 #2 Using the commandline would not be desirable for a newbie. 5�H�� j��*T�!�`���Uv������ `��eC6�(�bt@ �\���ց�e30���r@��l����+X�2]�2a�2����"+�*K1H^�!�]�Q���Q�q�L The following command creates a configuration named “AppServer” and then adds both zones to it. The output of this command can be seen in the following image. i am going to do the following configure steps in fabric A and B. A single switch with 8 ports can connect to 8 different devices or 4 devices (two connections per device for redundancy). Why Zone? Why zone? Required fields are marked *. Due to the limited number of ports available on the array, a switched network is necessary for it to connect to a large number of hosts. The idea is to bind WWPN’s of intended devices (ports) together. By creating zones we are logically partitioning the fabric so that the communication happens only with the intended devices. .��>A5��b��~�4s#�:����VR�����f����`���%דּ@'�5Ii5N縨m���*c�$����5�|�n�2�^�J�)���Aܢ�Ruk�T�r_�MN37��Z���[��j1��e̘�dZ�p`��qE�d�� �c�CW�_A��M�"�����WT�P*0����u00ttt4 �CL�8���F���20�q��0J�E!\A�!�� In a fabric, the initiator will be able to reach a target that is across many hops. In the following diagram, ports 0 through 7 are enabled by default; ports 8 through 15, and ports 16 through 23 can be enabled through a ports on demand … A complete command line list and other switch administration can be found on the Brocade Fabric OS Administration Guide. In this article, we discuss how we perform zoning in fiber channel switches manufactured by Brocade. x��!�Oԭ3�>�I#���ڂs�{�(V�!�G/E�7�t�~��Ө��||ty:8ڮ��87a���1*�*���)3b���iq����}�-�1�OG��U� J�����wH�����`��]n�Qv �Բ�ڰ��v��d���}�%�IX?���:M`��?"�+X�>�l��������e�����E����`/Ǥ��/��r�=���Bj}�`�0H�>�Z��z/?���]���p�բ�}��j�y�W��.��%���R���h. We assume that the physical link (cabling) has already been set up and that the switch is already configured. 903 0 obj <>stream Hope you find this useful. H�\�Mo�0���:�+$%�cǤk�0Էn27�2, ;�紐x0C�#�"^��k��?��;7_��̼`Y�Y�]p�`�`���Xy�7���aT����)�N�qxiV۔>�ͪ��X��MK�X��Ţ�g�(=3�N���l�>x��S��(>a+��o#2ôG1p��Lg��]���}M}����:�`�������E$W���I��_����{d�C�����&w������9��ѧ��s˹�.hΛ߹���O��>O��(o��_�&��]�T˚�S�]��F��涹p�e|BKŚ���9"�n�J|SϤ—���zA'u����L-����2��l����D��S�c��XzC�A�^�d��ώ�v#���c���2�_�u4�ޜ�M촸��|%��LZ6wz�7 �ӶQ Registered Office: Ruggeveldlaan 541, 2100 Antwerp [BE] FC (Fiber Channel) switch is a networking device which enables hosts to connect with one or many storage arrays. It can be a storage array, HBA port or another switch. There are two types of WWNs, What this means in terms of zoning is that we can identify devices in fabric using WWNN or WWPN. In my case, I have two switches with a physical distance of 146 km. %PDF-1.6 %���� | 3 Comments. At most SAN directors will have the ports more than 250. xڜ�mo�8����V���!�i��CiѶ� Executing wrong commands or typos will cause adverse effects, In order to avoid such mistakes, we must note down the WWN’s of the device which we are going to zone together and must decide on naming convention for them. To see the devices which are logged into the switch the following commands can be executed. Configuring compression on ISL ports a Brocade G620 switch

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