common buckeye butterfly meaning

The Common Buckeye is one of the easier butterflies to identify, due to its distinct markings and habit of resting with its wings spread out for display. It consists of single stranded DNA genomes with a smooth, sphere-shaped capsid. They are common throughout Alabama and have been documented in every county. There is also a pair of small spines on the top of their head. privacy policy [6][7] Therefore, immunity of J. coenia larvae to predators like ants appears to be strongly related to the concentration of iridoid glycosides sequestered in their bodies. “Iridoid Glycosides Information.”, "NatureServe Explorer 2.0 Junonia coenia Common Buckeye", "Predator Responses to Sequestered Plant Toxins in Buckeye Caterpillars: Are Tritrophic Interactions Locally Variable? I think that butterflies are some sort of totem for me as, ever since I was little, they have flew onto me and settled on my arms for quite a while. [13], J. coenia appears to readily migrate on a local scale between patches that are connected by corridors over those that are not connected by corridors. The Common Buckeye Butterfly is named for its obvious target-formed eyespots.FeaturesThe Common Buckeye Butterfly is an average-sized butterfly with several big, noticeable circular eyespots. Enjoying open, sunny areas with low vegetation makes parks, roadsides, fields, and gardens excellent habitats. Caterpillars tend to feed individually and in isolation. about. [8], In order to find a host plant for oviposition, females search for appropriate concentrations of catalpol or iridoid glycosides. [12], High intake of iridoid glycosides by J. coenia can have a negative effect on their immune response. This butterfly has several flights all through the year, with frequently migrating to the northern parts of the United States during the summer season. As more data is collected, these maps and graphs will paint a more accurate picture of distribution and abundance in Alabama. They get their name for their bright and colorful eye-like markings on each of their wings. A Common Buckeye Butterfly mouth is a long tube a "proboscis" - a long narrow tube in their mouth that looks like a straw when its done eating, it rolls the tube back up. The records analyzed here are only a beginning. There are also lighter brown patches and light dotted marks all over the body. Much of the northern parts of the United States are colonized in the fall only by these butterflies migrating from the southern parts of the country. Junonia coenia, known as the common buckeye or buckeye, is a butterfly in the family Nymphalidae. I usually see this species in late June and early July, but the first image here was taken on August 29. The tiny green and round eggs are laid singly on the tender leaf buds or the upper sides of leaves. Common Buckeye – Junonia coenia Common Buckeye butterflies are found in the southern half of the US and the eastern side of the northern half of the United States. A Common Buckeye Butterfly has three pairs of legs and their feet have little claws that help them stand on flowers. Females tend to be larger. They can reach 4 cm (1 5/8 inches) in length. They also exhibit blue-green overtones on their front and sometimes hind wings. University of South Florida, This is an example of the eye spots on the dorsal side of one wing and the ventral side of the other wing working to imitate a larger being, Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMONA). Therefore, evolution would favor female J. coenia that can detect more iridoid glycosides on host plants so that larvae can incorporate that into their diet and thus gain better protective mechanisms for survival.[5]. Open, dry fields, roadsides, trails, and waste areas. It also has two eyespots, one larger and one smaller, e… The Buckeye Butterfly is a species of true brushfoot butterflies that are found in large numbers in parts of the US and Mexico. This can then lead to higher susceptibility to parasitoids as well as a decreased ability to resist parasitism. Its original ancestry has been traced to Africa, which then experiences divergence in Asia. © 2020 - Butterfly Atlas, | The larval stage of the buckeye lasts anything between two and four weeks. Sightings in the following counties: Autauga, Baldwin, Barbour, Bibb, Blount, Bullock, Butler, Calhoun, Chambers, Cherokee, Chilton, Choctaw, Clarke, Clay, Cleburne, Coffee, Colbert, Conecuh, Coosa, Covington, Crenshaw, Cullman, Dale, Dallas, Dekalb, DeKalb, Elmore, Escambia, Etowah, Fayette, Franklin, Geneva, Greene, Hale, Henry, Houston, Jackson, Jefferson, Lamar, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Lee, Limestone, Lowndes, Macon, Madison, Marengo, Marion, Marshall, Mobile, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Perry, Pickens, Pike, Randolph, Russell, Shelby, St. Clair, Sumter, Talladega, Tallapoosa, Tuscaloosa, Walker, Washington, Wilcox, Winston, View county names by moving the mouse over a county or view a map with county names. [11] Vulnerability to the Junonia coenia densovirus is another concern for survivorship of common buckeye larvae.

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