firefly vape app ios

A smaller box with a few less accessory items: the Firefly 2+ comes with everything you need to get started and includes 1 battery, 1 concentrate pad, 3 cleaning wipes, a charging dock, and a charging cable. Then take a nice long draw to see if normal vapor production is restored. Plants and herbs have a unique combination of terpenes and terpenoids. Any failure to follow the Safety Instructions provided with this product. Will be here tomorrow. For those of you who have been using a legacy version of the Firefly Vapor app on your iOS device but have recently updated your iOS software to version 14 or higher, you will no longer be able to control your Firefly device using the Firefly Vapor iOS app. This helps preserve your material. Firefly 2+ comes pre-set at a default heat setting 400°F. See user manual for more details on how to clean. You can continue to use the Firefly app as before with your existing or new devices (however, for the time being, there will be no updates to the app). This includes any expedited services selected at the time of purchase, which are non-refundable. However, over time and with many uses, your concentrate pad will start to taste like your old material. Easier to deep clean: We’ve added a lancet and a wire brush to the cleaning kit so customers can poke the airflow holes with a perfectly-sized implement to restore factory-level airflow and then give a mildly abrasive scrub to the stainless plate in the bowl to remove any built-up debris. Of course, with the Firefly 2+ and Firefly 2 devices, you are in control of the material that you use with your device, whether that is whole flower cannabis or an extract. It’s useful to tamp down your bowl and then poke holes in it with a toothpick. Premium shipping methods and costs will be calculated and shown in the shopping cart check-out process. For any questions on our products or shipping services, feel free to send our Customer Service Department an email inquiry at Because each draw from Firefly has a broad temperature range, it delivers more of these ingredients and flavors than any other vaporizers. If, after inspecting your device, we determine that your unit has no defects and is working as intended, you will be charged a $30 servicing fee plus all associated shipping fees. Select Get. Each of these ingredients activates at a different temperature, augmenting each other and your brain/body to create different flavors and effects. The app is ONLY available on Android at this time - read more, Conscious Wholesale (international distributor), Reinhart GmbH & Co. KG (International Distributor), Thendro Pty Ltd (International Distributor, Unit doesn't work at all - turns green then flashes red and dies, Colors of lid and body do not exactly match tone or finish from official Firefly images, Exchange the defective part with one that is an functioning equivalent or a new part, or, Replace the Firefly TM device with a brand new unit, or. I have pax3 and iq but had the apps before apple dropped them! PLEASE NOTE: The person or business receiving the shipment is legally obliged to pay duties and taxes as required by their state and federal governments. An off-placed lid will immediately affect your vapor path. This has been so disappointed that they provide so little support. Since I only smoke buds, not concentrates. First, check to see if your magnetic lid has been properly placed to make a full seal. We highly recommend that you request shipment tracking and signature confirmation as National Concessions Group, Inc. is not responsible for any shipments lost during transit. The Firefly excels with medium to coarse ground blends. For the whole plant experience, you want to avoid letting your vapor sit around and lose potent compounds. Customer safety has always been the #1 priority at Firefly, including using best-in-class premium materials and a comprehensive array of thermal and electrical fail-safes in the manufacturing of our products. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time by direct electronic notification to you or by posting the amended terms on this page. The Limited Warranty applies only to products manufactured by National Concessions Group, Inc. that can be clearly identified by the Firefly TM trademark name or logo. I’m guessing the only way to get it on an iPhone is the jailbreak it. Order information is stored in a password-protected area, only accessible by authorized personal. There is the option to upgrade your shipping method to an Express service, such as UPS® 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air. Will I be alright on the default? You can continue to use the Firefly app as before with your existing or new devices, however, support for the iOS app has been discontinued by Apple's App Store Terms & Conditions, for the time being.The temperature can also be controlled directly without the app on ALL Firefly 2+ devices, with 7 pre-set temperatures ranging from 320 to 500°F. Check your user manual for instructions, or video instructions to change the temperature on our YouTube channel. The optional Firefly Android app offers advanced settings and temperature control: you can adjust the temperature in real time as you vape. And like a real firefly, the glow is best seen at dusk or nighttime. Orders will be shipped via UPS® Ground service depending on the shipping destination. This process happens while remaining below combustion temperature (451°F) Smoking is the result of combustion (burning). You can find video instructions to change the temperature on our YouTube channel. This also applies to all Firefly 2 devices with firmware version 3.26 or newer (the latest version is 3.33). While the heating sequence is activated by the sensors, no heat touches your flower or concentrates until you start to draw. To activate the heating sequence, place your fingers on the touch sensors located on either side of the device. Dry Herb - Using a toothpick like the one in the Firefly 2+ Cleaning Kit, poke holes in your packed herb to allow for the most evenly distributed airflow through the bowl. We cannot accept any returns of any used products unless it's determined by our Customer Service Department that the item may be defective in some way. You can find video instructions to change the temperature on our YouTube channel. Battery charge level is also available on the device itself. As of 11/15/2019, Apple has removed all vaporizer-related apps from its App Store. We'd like you to know that we test every single unit that we sell and go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our products operate as intended. We also use cookies to understand site usage and to improve the content and offerings on the Website. If you decide to buy online, make sure to check our list of authorized retailers. My firefly arrived today, and I can’t download the bloody app. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Vaporizing at set temperatures causes the fragile ingredients and terpenes to denature. A subreddit dedicated to the Firefly and Firefly 2 portable convection vaporizers. There is the option to upgrade your shipping method to an Express service, such as UPS® 2nd Day Air.

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