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Our US sales office is based in Houston Texas and our warehousing facility is located in Laredo, Texas. Super sacks are 35” x 35” and are 50” tall. Log bags with 2 sides mosquito net / 2 sides 26 stripe fabric, Base tipping loops provide easy emptying of bags for logs, (Internal - 87 x 116 x 100cm, External - 91 x 120 x 105cm), (Internal - 87 x 87 x 90cm, External - 91 x 91 x 105cm), (Internal - 76 x 76 x 80cm, External - 80 x 80 x 85cm), Knitted Net bags – PE knitted fabric (Raschel). Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) offer handlers of dry bulk products an edge by being designed to a customer’s specific needs. 3300 S. Gessner Rd. Less Than Full Pallet Per Bag = $14.99 plus shipping                           Full Pallet Price Per Bag =  plus shipping OVERSTOCK SALE $13.99 <----Best Value, 1 to 100 bags = $24.99 plus shipping100+ bags = $19.99 plus shippingFull Pallet Price Per Bag = $19.99 plus shipping   <----Best Value200 Bags Per Pallet, Half 1/2 Cord Size 2,500 Lbs Weight Rating Using the Straps or 12,500 lbs Using a Pallet Bags, Solar-Super Sized 2,200 Lbs Weight Rating Using the Straps or 11,000 lbs Using a Pallet. • Loops – 4x20cm lifting loops As per the design, have a variety of filling, discharging and lifting facilities. This bag is to be loaded by hand and not recommended for use with a conveyor. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > farmer rob. 4. with our all terrain forklift. - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2020 Qingdao New Green Grace International Trade Co., Ltd. Handan City Zhongrun Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Suzhou Zhuo Qun Packing Material Co., Ltd. Changzhou Ouge Packaging Products Co., Ltd. QINGDAO HONOR FAITH PACKAGING TECHNOLOGYCO.,LTD. All the above bags are available in coated and uncoated fabric options. Taobao Global Our kindling is super dry and perfect to give your fire place the quick ... Sale in the net woven sacks for everyone who have limited store space. Has any one ever used those Big bags to storage fire wood in?I think they be easy to handle but have to wonder about drying? L, most of which are sold to all over the world. Type … | This packaging method ensures not only a verifiable amount, but clean  premium seasoned firewood for each customer. Our specially trained firewood crew processes all material on-site and ensures a strict mixed hardwood variety. THE NEW WAY TO BUY FIREWOODThis year we are introducing a new method of firewood packaging. Alipay minimum order is $99. Haicheng Sitong Magnesium-Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Shijiazhuang Boda Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd. Dezhou Ankang Import And Export Co., Ltd. Qingdao Chengda Pack International Trade Co., Ltd. Hebei Meihua United Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. Dalian Sitong International Trade Co., Ltd. Yantai Jinxiang Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. Yantai City Fushan District Long Tai Plastic Co., Ltd. Chengda Pack Industry (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Ton Bag Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. Qingdao Full Trust International Co., Ltd. Super sacks firewood sacks mesh bag for firewood potato breathable, Wholesale Super sack Big bags Net Firewood Mesh bag for firewood, Ventilated PP Big Firewood Mesh Bag Super 1 ton Firewood Sacks, PP vented bulk bag super sacks for packing onions potato firewood, plastic mesh bags firewood big bag pe and pp firewood sacks. Superaxe Firewood, Joseph, Oregon. Type A: Made of plain woven polypropylene and with non-conductive properties. Our firewood bag is being used by firewood supplier’s throughout the world, allowing them easy handling and storage of cordwood. - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2020 Hammy, Chvymn99 and … All 1/4 cord increments have been hand stacked within "super sacks." The Company is being managed by experienced professionals with many years of experience in the field of Super Sack FIBC Bags. FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) also known commonly as Big Bag, Jumbo bags, Bulk bags, Super Sacks bag, Tote bags, etc. High End Food Grade Bags / Pharma Grade Bags. Classification of Bulk Bags is according to one of four Types: A, B, C, and D. All these Types define the construction of the Bulk Bags, the intended use, and performance requirement criteria. The transport of dangerous goods regulated, in order to prevent injury to people, harm to the environment and material damages. - This bag is to be loaded by hand and not recommended for use with a conveyor. IG Industrial Plastics LLC is a leading manufacturer, wholesale distributor, and supplier of FIBC bags in Houston, USA. Top Fill Skirt Super Sack Firewood For Net Bag For Firewood Wholesale Super Sack Big Bags Net Fire… get longer burning, cleaner burning seasoned birch. Our bulk containers meet strict international quality requirements. Original shipping charges that were incurred to deliver your Items will not be refunded except in the case of product damage that occurred during shipment.A refund or exchange will be issued only AFTER the product(s) are received by €8.00. Custom Built Bags based on our customer’s preferences. A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Type D: Widely known as Dissipative-bags and are made from a material which is antistatic in nature. For Top – Open Top, Flap Top, Duffle Top or Skirt top, Spout Top, Conical Spout top. We can create and manufacture custom FIBC of any size possible as long as it suits your needs. 1/3 of a cord of firewood…dry and ready to burn with no mess or stacking! The third factory was completed and put into production in 2015 in Cambodia, which covers an area of 50,000 square meters in total. We are distributor of FIBC bulk bags and have our own state of the art production plants in Mexico. Cost effective as it has low per mt packaging cost. Our woven polypropylene bags offer packaging for grains and other dry goods common in the agricultural, construction, chemical, mining and consumer goods industries. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy 1/3 or1/2 CORD BAG SIZE USING BAFFLE TECHNOLOGY RATED FOR 2,400 LBS VIA HANDLES OR 12,000 LBS USING A PALLET 64.5 Cubic Feet with an 8" Heap Protect your firewood from SNOW, RAIN & ICE. Stacking is limited to an area no more that 30' from the dump site. | Site: International - Español - Português - Deutsch - Français - Italiano - हिंदी - Pусский - 한국어 - 日本語 - اللغة العربية - ภาษาไทย - Türk - Nederlands - tiếng Việt - Indonesian - עברית, AliExpress ALL ORDERS UNDER 10 BAGS WILL INCUR A $25 PACKAGING FEE   RETURN/REFUND POLICYIf the customer is not satisfied with the product(s) purchased online or by phone, for any reason, they must contact for return authorization instructions within 7 DAYS of the delivery of their purchase. Whether it's firewood for the patio pit or to help with heating in the winter, Hafner's has you covered year-round. | Super Sack. Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: The best way to describe the opening is its the same size diameter as size 34 pants, Limited Production the biggest bag we ever used/sold call for pricing, Firewood • Salt • Mulch • Sand • Stone • Gravel • Feed • Rubbish • Dirt • Chips • Produce • Fertilizer • Construction • Waste Management • Storage & Moving • Farming, Brand New Empty Bags  SUPER SALEwith purchase of 2 Pallets  FLAT RATE $200 per pallet shipping SALE ENDS 09.21.2020, Less Than Full Pallet $19.99 plus shipping  sold outVery LIMITED Supply, Less Than Full Pallet = $24.99 plus shipping Full Pallet = $22.99 plus shipping, Less Than Full Pallet Per Bag = $24.99 plus shipping, FULL Pallet Price Per Bag = $20.99 plus shipping, QUARTER 1/4 CORD Solar SIZE RATED FOR 2,205 LBS USING THE STRAPS OR 11,025 LBS USING A PALLET  These bags can be loaded using a conveyor or by hand, Less Than Pallet Per Bag= $12.00 plus shipping, Pallet Price Bags = $10.99 plus shipping    <----Best Value, The Dee Bag, Open Top & Optional Cover Bag, FACE 1/3 CORD SIZE RATED FOR 3,000 LBS VIA HANDLES OR 15,000 LBS USING A PALLET. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy Intellectual Property Protection Firewood stacking is available for $15.00 per 1/4 cord. We supply a large range of bags and packaging materials throughout Canada and North America. Tarps to cover wood available for sale plus bundles of … All bags are UV stabilized, and manufactured to independently verifiable standards. Effective shipping and handling of dry bulk products are becoming more and more critical to a company’s competitiveness. - Bags for logs manufactured by BSFL Packaging use UV stable breathable woven polypropylene fabric permitting the logs to season as quickly as possible during the drying out process.As with our other range of firewood sacks / Sack Truck “Barrow” Bags, the bulk vented log bags can be folded away when not in use to reduce damage the sunlight. Welcome to the BAG Supplies Canada (BSCL) website . • Capacity – 0.25M³ Contact us to buy wholesale FIBC Bags for sale at the best price in North America. We supply net packaging in various sizes, qualities, colours, structures, mesh sizes and models. A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. ft bundles also available. | Q5: How about your price ,how about your mass production9 The bag are made of 100% virgin polypropylene , they can be used many times. The common range of FIBC / Super Sacks varies from 500 lbs to 5500 lbs. A popular option that we offer is customised heat sealed labels with your company logo, name or other details on the nets. Click To Watch The Face Cord Solar-Kiln Dried Bag Being Delivered, Less Than Full Pallet Per Bag = $14.99 plus shipping, Click To Watch The Face Cord Bag Being Delivered, Cord Size 2,500 Lbs Weight Rating Using the Straps or 12,500 lbs Using a Pallet, 2,200 Lbs Weight Rating Using the Straps or 11,000 lbs Using a Pallet, Click To Watch The Bag-ZILLA Bag Being Delivered, Click To Watch The 1/2 Cord D-Bag Being Delivered, Click To Watch The 1/2 Cord Solar-Kiln Dried GEN 1 Bags Being Delivered, with purchase of 2 Pallets  FLAT RATE $200 per pallet shipping, Less Than Full Pallet = $24.99 plus shipping, Click To Watch 1/4 Cord Bags Being Delivered. Standard Sizes Available It composes of antistatic and static dissipative threads. Sign up to receive coupons and get $20 off your first purchase. The size of the bag decides the capacity. | Showroom Used to transport non-flammable products. They are available in various shapes, sizes, capacity and specification depending on the product in the package. THESE BAGS FEATURE A DOUBLE TOP CLOSURE PROTECTING THE SENSITIVE PART OF THE BAG AND MAKING IT REUSABLE, WHEN USED AS A 1/3 CORD BAG THE WOOD SEASONS 20% FASTER!

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