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The Seven Pro and Eight Pro are improved versions of the original paddles designed in the pickleball paddle tennis San Diego offices. Gearbox wants all levels to experience first-hand how its quality products can improve their game and continue to support their love of sport. How Pickleball Helped Amy Lose OVER 100 Pounds. Join one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S.! You can choose between a 3 5/8-inch grip and a 3 15/16-inch grip. The San Diego based company expanded its lineup in 2015 by launching a series of paddleball and pickleball paddles. Pickleball and racquetball are entirely different sports. This slight modification gives you better ball control, providing the right playing surface for adding more spin. The core is made up of hand-laid layers of composite materials using rib and chamber structure at the core of the paddle. Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved. You may also experience is a lack of finesse. Some players may also miss the satisfying pop of hitting a pickleball ball. I hope that helps. Is it true the red g11 weighs more then the yellow and the purple and how much does the like green weigh? His skill as a pro racquetball player and extensive knowledge in the field of composites led to the birth of Gearbox. 2 years ago. It gives the paddle more pop and power, with less accuracy. Some prefer … I am playing at a level 4.5 at the moment. Edgeless:  All of the paddles made by Gearbox are edgeless. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Pickleball Portal also participates in affiliate programs with ShareASale, Skimlinks and other sites. Donnie and Patty Gallegos Join The Pickleball Rocks Team, How To Stay Positive During a Coronavirus Quarantine. The composite material is smoother and more flexible compared to the surface material found on other Gearbox paddles. Returning user? The newer paddles feature a new spin technology called Hyper Bite. Want to buy high quality Elongated paddle. Both the GX5 and GX6 Series have Power (PS) and Control (CS) paddles. If you like weight and feel of the Seven, you might want to take a look at the new Seven Pro that Gearbox just released as part of their Pro Collection. To make up for the lack of power on the surface material, Gearbox made the paddle heavier. Thanks-. Is your company interested in USA Pickleball sponsorship, marketing and event opportunities? High performance pickleball paddles from all major brands. He has 25 years of experience as a professional racquetball player. This depends on your budget, experience, and play style. By checking this box you agree that the listing claim process is not completed until the admin approves the request, and then an email is sent to you to process the payment. The eight-inch width and standard shape create a larger sweet spot. Gearbox claims to have solved that problem with this unibody construction. You also get a larger sweet spot that will not wear out and soften over time. Gearbox also likes to make their paddles wide. Since then, Gearbox has proudly expanded into squash, paddleball, and pickleball. Click below to request more information. It also has a four-inch grip, which is slightly thicker compared to the typical thin grip on Gearbox paddles. Become a USA Pickleball Sponsor. Gearbox continues to be synonymous with excellent quality, outstanding durability and patented cutting edge technologies. Become a USA Pickleball partner today! Since then, Gearbox has proudly expanded into squash, paddleball, and pickleball. Other details include the following: It has the same shape and materials used for the Seven Pro paddle. The paddle is designed with a solid composite material. As a professional racquetball player and with over 25 years in the composites industry, he…

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