low profile red dot mount

Attero Arms mounts offer a low profile solution for both purists and the most operational of operators, POV through the Trijicon MRO. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; New to the MR920 is a feature that will revolutionize how optics are mounted on handguns. Aside from their performance in multi-thousand round testing, we appreciate the oversized, serrated basepad which aids in emergency magazine removal particularly with the add-on magazine well installed. Original BP-02 AK/AKM Side Mount … The Attero Arms mount fits seamlessly onto any rifle, regardless of configuration. This mount had to be custom spec’d for the RAS 47’s rear sight dimensions. However, our design team put tremendous thought into the beavertail design to offer other benefits. In the past, shooters have faced compromises when putting a red dot optic on their pistol. These magazines are also substantially easier to disassemble and clean when compared to other designs on the market compatible with our pistol. The MR920 frame is contoured to sit exceptionally low in the hand. $94.00 $ 94. The iron-sight notch is small and unobtrusive. "; While there’s nothing wrong with this, side rails add weight, add bulk, may impede the function of a folding stock and may not hold zero. Between the two different rifles, I probably put 500-700 rounds through Attero-equipped guns. US Headquarters: What I think I like most about these mounts is that they “blend” in to the rifle’s aesthetic, whether you like to set up your AK as a purist, or as a super-ninja. The MR918 pistol was renowned for fitting Glock™ holsters, but inevitably, a few shooters reported holster fit issues. These mounts require no drilling and tapping, they simply clamp to the rib on the barrel and stay tight all season. The directional nature of the serrations provides an aggressive grasping surface when manipulating the slide, but vastly reduces friction when coming out of the holster. Likewise, shooters wearing gloves will be less likely to inadvertently hook the web of their glove over the beavertail during the draw. All Rights Reserved. Low Profile Rib Clamp. We are partial to these magazines for several reasons. We pair our trigger with a TTI connector for reliable, consistent ignition and a slightly better pull. // ]]> Tom Marshall is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree, a US Coast Guard 3rd Mate’s License and a commission as a US Army Officer. Get it as soon as Wed, Oct 28. This single spring system is user adjustable for those wishing to tune the gun with different spring weights. Our new patent pending optic cut on the MR920 redesigns internal components within the slide that engineers have historically been forced to contend with. You’ll be the first to know about new products, sales, and special offers! Each mount has a hole pattern specific to the optic you intend to use. Attero Arms has designed a more innovative solution specifically designed for low profile red dot optics. The slides for the MR920 have been reprofiled to be more comfortable for IWB carry, eliminating the feeling of the slide digging into the shooter’s side when holstered. When I returned the mount, they used these photos—in conjunction with an actual RAS47 that they went out of their way to procure for testing—they created an optic mount that was specifically designed to fit the Century RAS rifle. Then insert the replacement nut, made of 304 stainless steel, into the base and tighten down the nut with included hardware. Complete our simple form and we will get the conversation started. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; The tradeoffs have been on how low an optic can seat into the slide, how strong the optic can be mounted, and which brand’s footprint can be accommodated. Add to Cart. Over the last year we had six customer service calls from shooters who could not figure out why the slide stop was engaging with a full magazine during fire. They were kind enough to loan us two different mounts, which we mounted on two different rifles. FEATURING THE INDUSTRY’S STRONGEST, LOW PROFILE, MULTI-BRAND RED DOT OPTIC CUT MEET THE ALL-NEW MR920. The Combat and Elite model slides are machined from 17-4 stainless steel and include directional serrations in the front and rear of the slide. We removed material from that area which allows the MR920 to fit an even broader range of G19 holsters and some designed for other brands. amzn_assoc_linkid = "8d95f569bcdce1a5f98b676fa8f42aae"; The Shadow Systems approach, first released on the MR918 pistol, fundamentally change the natural point of the pistol so that it can be adjusted to match the shooter’s intuition. Between the two different rifles, I probably put 500-700 rounds through Attero-equipped guns. The MR918 has been called the “flattest shooting pistol on the market.” The MR920 improves on that reputation with frame features that give the shooter even greater control. We determined these issues typically were related to the shape of the leading edge of the trigger guard. FEATURING THE INDUSTRY’S STRONGEST, LOW PROFILE, In the past, shooters have faced compromises when putting a. on to handguns, there have been tradeoffs. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This was what we did … With threaded barrel versions of the MR920, a high-heat o-ring will now be included to prevent the thread protector from loosening when firing—this o-ring is NOT TO BE USED with a suppressor, as suppressors need to seat metal-to-metal to prevent baffle strikes. For the first time ever, Shadow Systems has introduced an optic cut that eliminates the need for compromise in optic selection and mounting. [CDATA[ First remove the rear sight leaf, then removed the rear sight spring (you’ll likely need needle-nosed pliers for the latter). The second mount is for the Aimpoint M2, ML2, M3, ML3 and PRO red dot sights. This mount is also compatible with accessory side rails. The new system provides versatility without compromise and even exceeds the strength of past Shadow Systems mounts that had a dedicated Trijicon RMR footprint machined into the slide. The MR920 accommodates Gen4 Glock recoil assemblies, but includes our own modified Gen3 recoil system. Posted by Tom Marshall | Apr 29, 2016 | Tactical Gear Reviews | 0 |. I recommend using thread-locker on all screws to minimize the risk of zero shift. Before or after the last step, attach the optic to the mount, again with included hardware. They were kind enough to loan us two different mounts, which we mounted on two different rifles. The lug geometry and barrel hood fit is slightly tighter than a conventional barrel, but not enough to compromise reliability.

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