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newsletter. Nilay Patel graduated from University of Chicago in 2003 with a degree in political science and later in 2006, he received Juris Doctor degree from University of Wisconsin Law School. He is from United States. Committing to a cloud storage provider is a shockingly big deal. But once they showed what they could do, their commissions were restructured to ensure they never saw commission rates like that again. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. The main difference between SEs and Sales Reps is that Sales Engineers typically are not commission-based. The address is 425 W 59th St Ste 4f, New York, NY 10019-8022. Nilay Patel is married to Tina Manibhai on November 28, 2015, at Hyatt Regency in Garden Grove, California. Nilay Patel Professional Career – Editor of The Verge. Dusty Crum Net Worth, Age, Wikipedia - How old is Dusty Crum? Based on 2 salaries posted anonymously by Yelp Sales AE employees in New York City. This estimate is based upon 2 Yelp Sales AE salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. Sales AE salaries at Yelp can range from $35,387-$58,824. Identities / Nilay Patel. Check out the latest Sales AE Jobs or see Sales AE Salaries at other companies. The team also works cross-functionally among one another, and across the full company, to learn and grow their professional capacity. The admitted year is 2005. Nilay Patel was born in United States on Monday, December 17, 1979. Online estimates of Nilay Patel’s net worth vary. Moussouris has a long history in computer security, working at Microsoft and the Department of Defense creating their first bug bounty programs to incentivize catching and reporting security bugs and vulnerabilities in software systems. So the next time you land on the B2 Cloud Storage page and Victoria or Vincent strike up a chat with you; or when you’re looped into a call with Shaneika, James, Crystal, Mike M., or Alex; or you’re working through a solution with Mike F., Udara, or Pavithra, and you’re wondering—why are these people so kind and patient? You know, a professional penetration tester, even 15 years ago when I did this, already, the starting salary was over $100,000. So how are we safer in the skies? Companies aren’t just buying new software, they’re moving priceless intellectual property into a solution that they need to be able to trust to work, and to last. So fewer low-hanging fruit bugs, more esoteric bugs. Well, now you know. Maybe you won’t get in trouble because you can say, “Well, we tried. You so just make us a bug bounty.”, And I’m like, “But you haven’t actually been able to keep up with patching the systems that you know are out of date. Nilay Patel, Backblaze’s Vice President of Sales, got his start in tech as a Sales Engineer. That isn’t the worst thing in the world at face value, but somehow the “helpful” attitude feels like a pretty thin cover for the salesperson’s need to sell you something (ideally an expensive something) fast. And they’re making up the majority of bug bounty hunters. Identities Podcasts. Below is a lightly edited excerpt from that conversation. There’s one airline who has had a bug bounty for a little over four years. The company is GRIFOLS. The Verge to replace then Editor in Cheif Joshua Topolsky who joined Bloomberg leaving the position vacant. Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. Have you invested internally on finding the bugs yourself? Sagittarians are excellent storytellers and can light up any room with their exhilarating tales and infectious laughter. What Nilay’s colleague meant, in short, was that if you wanted more sales, you simply needed either more draconian, or more lucrative commission structures to incentivize higher sales. So I think the inherent conflict that’s come up with the different business models — bug bounty versus the advisory services that my company provides — is bug bounties can help with a tiny fraction of what you already need to do for vulnerability management, but it’s being positioned as the easy button for it. Apparently, this user prefers to keep an air of mystery about them. Nilay Patel is a member of Richest Celebrities and Journalists. Did you know it’s up to 45 times cheaper if you actually identify security bugs in the design phase?” And that basically ends up delaying the adoption of bug bounty, which isn’t appropriate for everyone and certainly not appropriate if you can’t even patch the bugs you already know about. Nilay Patel: Where are the failings of a bug bounty system? Today, we have a highly collaborative team of people who work together to ensure that our customers receive functional, long-term solutions that work for them. Here’s why. He earned the money being a professional Journalist. Can you handle the truth?”, And a lot of the questions we ask, organizations are like, “Yeah, but we want to do this industry best practice thing called a bug bounty. more information Accept. But for us, fulfilling our values requires building a sales team that wants to work together to move our mission forward over the long term, and that means paying people what they’re worth, in full. We had a bug bounty and just nobody reported that particular issue to us.”. We won’t call them that. This means the team is focused on their paycheck, rather than their customer’s challenges. Follow our Employee Instagram! But they are on the front lines to witness the odd effects that commission-based compensation has on organizations and individuals. Something new, unproven, and not known to the customer could cut into a team’s sales success, and therefore also their salary. In this article, we take a look at Nilay Patel's net worth in 2020, total earnings, salary, and biography. For their first reporting period, they all got to take home a king’s ransom in commission. Because our sales force doesn’t have to worry about their paycheck or “closing” a sale, they’re unleashed to give customers the level of care they need to set their business up right and to build a long-lasting, productive working relationship. And we know that you make all these big bug bounties. New episodes coming November 10th. No matter the state of the economy, manufacturing issues, natural disasters, or any other unforeseeable challenges, sales teams working on commission still need to meet strict benchmarks—just to earn what they’re worth. The education details are not available at this time. Nilay is on the verge of showing his personal skills and attributes to the world rather than publicizing his family life and his birthday or birthplace. Sound like you? I believed in this model as, “Hey, why don’t we make it easier to connect companies with hackers and make it safer for everybody? Because we’re all paid standard salaries, we know that everyone’s working to serve the customer and ensure that all of Backblaze is successful. But even if they accidentally coded up some low-hanging fruit bugs, to be able to detect them themselves. Nilay Patel is a journalist from United States. Well, after leaving one of the bug bounty companies, I stayed on as an adviser for pretty close to a year and worked with them on various mutual customers. As he sat in on management conversations and hiring panels, he saw the “coin-operated” philosophy evoked again and again, seemingly suggesting that, to motivate a sales team, you just had to dangle their paycheck a few feet ahead of them. Nilay freely admits that the no-commission model probably won’t work for everyone, but the leadership team at Backblaze is committed to it for the long term. Online estimates of Nilay Patel’s net worth vary. Nilay Patel: Where are the failings of a bug bounty system? The last fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius launches its many pursuits like blazing arrows, chasing after adventures. “SEs,” as they’re often called, use technical expertise to help sales representatives explain how a product will work for a specific potential customer. Nilay Patel, Backblaze’s Vice President of Sales, got his start in tech as a Sales Engineer. Nilay is currently 40 years old. Previously, he worked as a blogger and editor for the websites Engadget and Vox. Not rely on third-party randos on the internet to come tell you about this low-hanging fruit. You could be spraying and praying your scanning tools, but to even make money on something that was very easy to find, you just have to be the first one in. You want to see people actually addressing those bugs themselves — preventing them, ideally. We’ve all been there: You enter some kind of retail environment—a clothing shop, an electronics big box store, or even a software company’s website—you get a few seconds of peace to look around, and then suddenly you’re being swarmed by extremely helpful sales people. Check out the latest Yelp Jobs, Wondering what our employees are up to at Yelp? Hindsight is 20/20, but even at the beginning, Nilay knew some of the weaknesses that a commission-based sales force would create. And that’s despite these companies being in existence for the last eight years. And the thing I keep seeing in their business model is that I would like to help organizations get more mature. According to, famous Journalist Nilay Patel's net worth is $1 Million - $5 Million. A look into Nilay Patel's net worth, money and current earnings. When we’re dealing with prospects, we don’t look at them and immediately see dollar signs, but rather an opportunity to better the situation for both parties: they get a solution that works, and we continue to grow our business. Nilay Patel. See if they're hiring! I’ve been on both sides, and it’s hard to say which feels worse. And if you’re in the process of setting up your own business, maybe Nilay’s perspective will help you think differently about how your sales team’s compensation structure might affect your brand, and your bottom line.

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