osrs cerberus guide

There’s a total of three souls which will stand next to the Cerberus. Hellhounds can be assigned as a slayer task at 75 combat level by various slayer masters. The next major fight mechanic are the summoned souls that are summoned by Cerberus when she is below 400 hp. Cerberus has a few different special attacks all of which can be deadly if not dealt with correctly. If you stand on one of the puddles, you will take 10 – 15 damage per game tick. Key master teleport scrolls are obtained from defeating Cerberus, and are untradeable. However, if a player receives a pet while having a follower out (for example, a cat), it will be placed into their inventory. Cerberus is a very dangerous boss fight which will require some practice before mastering. When you’ve made the Cerberus Hitpoints go below 400, she will use different types of attack styles which you can predict. See the Cerberus article and the strategy guide for additional information. Join us for game discussions, weekly events and skilling competitions! She has a max hit of 23 and hits this with all combat styles, melee, ranged and magic. Summoned Souls – Once Cerberus is below 400 health, she will occasionally howl ‘Aaarrrooooooo’ – summoning three summoned souls too appear from behind the archaic skull. VigoriousRsps Join today and get Ready for the XMAS Giveaway!! If you miss a prayer, you will take 30 damage. All rights reserved. Cerberus can only be fought on a slayer task, the task can either be for a hellhound or Cerberus herself. If you use the correct prayer, you will consume 30 prayer points (reduced to 15 prayer points while wielding a Spectral Spirit Shield). Therefore by looking at their colours, you can figure out which order you will need to switch your protection prayers. … OSRS Cerberus Guide Read More » AoE Attack – Once Cerberus is below 200 health she will throw out three puddles of lava – one of these puddles will always land on the square the player is standing on so it’s important to move. At the start of every fight the mechanics will be the same, Cerberus will attack with magic then range and then melee. Although if you’re assigned Hell Hounds, you will be able to fight the Cerberus since it counts as a Hellhound. Cerberus can only be fought while on a slayer task for Hellhounds or a boss task for Cerberus and has a slayer level requirement of 91. If you’re Level-70 Agility, you’ll be able to use the pipe shortcut which you will immediately see when you’ve entered the dungeon. Cerberus guide (medium wealth players) - posted in Monster Guides: I wrote this guide from my personal experience with killing Cerberus. Use the prayers rigour or eagle eye if you can, otherwise the fight is mostly the same as when using melee, there is no possibility of a safespot when using ranged either. Take a super combat potion before you start. Blue is magic, red is melee, and green is ranged. OSRS is the official legacy … There are 3 spirits and they appear in a random order, similarly to Cerberus' opening attack they each have different attack style, so you will have to prayer flick protection prayers depending on which order they attack you. There are five tokens that complete the set: the Cerberus boots token, Cerberus breastplate token, Cerberus faulds token, Cerberus gloves token, and Cerberus helmet token. You can also use a house tab if you have your house in Taverley, which will be the fastest way of getting to the dungeon. We have swapped out our database of items for the new, open-source osrsbox database. If you fail to protect from their attacks you will take 30 damage per hit. Another mechanic to lookout for are the lava pools. The Ghrazi Rapier can also be swapped out for any other one-handed  crush weapon and is only used in combination with the Spectral Spirit Shield during the Summoned Souls special attack. Cerberus can only be fought while on a slayer task for Hellhounds or a boss task for Cerberus and has a slayer level requirement of 91. Level-75 Ranged (I wouldn’t recommend using Ranged). Cerberus is an extremely popular boss, especially for Ironmen as Cerberus drops the Primordial, Eternal and Pegasian Crystals – three very powerful items which unlock the best in slot boots for all three combat styles. Giveaway!! Cerberus  is a Slayer Boss which means that you’ll only be able to kill it if you’ve been assigned Cerbarus as a Slayer Task. Boss Stats & Notable Drops. At the same time, a red message in the chatbox will state You have a funny feeling like you're being followed. As this attack is either going to do a lot of damage or drain a lot of prayer points – it’s important to keep both your health and prayer points high during the entirety of this fight. Cerberus is a Hellhound boss found in her lair beneath Taverly Dungeon. Copyright © 2020 MoparScape. After the first attack (magic) you can switch to range and then melee after you see each attack. She won’t only use Magic as an attack style tho, it’s common that the Cerberus will switch from Magic to Ranged or Melee, this requires you to be focused and change your prayers. If you are stood in an adjacent tile to the lava pool you will still take damage just a lower amount.

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