remo virtual events

Comments: Overall, this is a great program for a 1 day conference. Full-featured meeting app for real-time polls, Q&A, and more that can be accessed on any device directly in the browser. Other than the once-in-a-blue-moon hiccup requiring a refresh and screen sharing being a tad bit laggy at times, this platform has blown me away in terms of how stable it is and how different it is from other platforms. We appreciate the fact that we can attract customers wishing to conduct both social and business events, and host their events with the special coordination that makes them amazing. Instead of having the full name [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN], it would just show his tile icon. - the Whiteboard seems to have endless functionality; embedding media, documents, games....almost anything you want - help desk is SUPER responsive and supportive. Company seems honest, will prorate the cost of a subscription if you cancel early. Login Sign up. 5) Needs a steeper educational discount for universities. Good communication from company about updates and new features, basic user guides are shared for distribution. It was a great way to still hold an entertainment type event and keep the audience engaged and excited. Up to three interconnected 'buildings' allow us more flexibility. Thank you. Love this package. The #1 complaint I get is when they first join the event it's too abrupt. I like the layout of the room where you can see which rooms are full and who's in there and the different room/table names. good feedback. Because of the Guided Tour and the first impression from the floorplan experience. Remo Conference helps creators, coaches, and event organizers create immersive online events right from your computer Chrome browser where users can learn and connect with each other just like real life. Our comments and suggestions are always listened to and where possible are actioned. Some spaces on Sococo are more visually appealing and detailed. When people enter the event, they will start by having a small circle filled with either a person’s picture or initial. Wish there was place to create 1;1 meeting rooms for people you've met or want to meet. I love how my guests can move freely from table to table as they would in a real event, that the space is completely customizable and links back to my website, and of course the revenue the banner advertising brings. I was able to meet with the [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] directly and hearing his pitch and the reason behind creating Remo. Steve from Connektd - Your Freelance Community, We wanted an event that offered networking between sessions, and Remo gave us that ability. Recent articles . Since we organize, plan and host virtual events, we have chosen Remo as one of our preferred vendors. Every aspect of this forward-thinking and intuitive virtual platform is excellent! Sinilar to our mission, he wanted to combat the feelings of social isolation that were ever-growing. - The audio didn't always work very well when using headphones. You can even customize the domain name of your event link. No need for end user equipment and easy to navigate, Dean from Autism Aspergers Friendship Society of Calgary. If you’re looking for more icebreaker inspiration, have a read This icebreaker not only gets people talking but connects those with the same interests. The ability to have multiple tables in one view, with the ability to see who is chatting with who is a complete gamechanger for networking online. On top of that, face-to-face icebreakers such as the classic marshmallow experiment are great ways to break awkward silences that we all want to avoid. If any of that makes sense. The sponsorship opportunities and flexibility of the platform are the reason why 90% of the events we organize are hosted in remo. 3. I love how interactive and unique the Remo platform is. Welcome to Remo! Ultimately I choose Remo because it allowed me to upload custom floorplans and let everyone have choice over which small groups they wanted to join. Hubilo is "The Real Virtual Events and Virtual Meetings Platforms". Minor complaints: no Slack integraton, also there is only one office layout and it doesn't look very good. Have since been using Zoom breakout rooms and meetings. This intention shines through in the product they’ve developed. The ability to have multiple tables in one view, with the ability to see who is chatting with who is a complete gamechanger for networking online. If users use headphones there is never an issue, but occasionally there can be feedback or echoes. There are often issues with people accidently selecting "join as speaker" when they are only an attendee. Smart. Being able to use the platform to network and work on projects with other artists has been amazing. The 2d floorplan seemed to simulate a “space” similar to an actual networking environment, but, as I discovered, the real value and “secret sauce” is the freedom to move about from table to table. The software is not mobile responsive and there are a few features that it doesn't have. Our community gets a real sense of presence from using Remo. Best software for recreating coffee break/reception interactions. Our team of conference organisers have switched to the system with ease. Your guided Tours are excellent! No mobile app, no standalone app for PC, you must use Google Chrome to use it. People have found it to be intuitive and a great new way to interact while we're not able to meet in person. I would also like to see an easiersystem for entering the timing of the event (during the pre-event setup). The unique format of events and flexibility of the platform has allowed my company to grow significantly. It's a game changer. - it was built for events, not for meetings. It was very simple to use and to navigate between floors and rooms. Virtual event, Virtual Tradefair, Virtual Fair & Virtual Conferences solution for your business catering to agencies, tradeshow organizers and event consultants! Fast, easy and reliable online meeting software trusted by millions of people everyday for real-time virtual communication. I couldn't shrink the screen down far enough and I wasn't able to move the tool bar to another part of my screen. Home Solutions. Bought the premium subscription to potentially use for a training program, but cancelled after one month due to tech issues with audio and insufficient security for our purposes. 2) Enable attendees to hear the sound of videos pre-loaded into Powerpoint. If you’re looking for more icebreaker inspiration, have a read, Remo creates an intimate space for delegates to network. I know they are invested in making sure we have a successful event. We will be using the system in November for our virtual event where there will be over 100 networking buildings in use across the conference on top of over 250 Zoom webinars all linked together, The IBA is an international networking association, whose business is built around bringing senior managing partners from law firms together. These are good for posting content for those of us in education. The functionality of the white board, presentation and announcements makes it easy to host an event. When that's over, you go back to networking tables. Remo is a great concept! How to customize your Remo virtual events! It assumes a lot of the hosts and I worry the software is being hailed and yet the propagators and facilitators are not always the best advocates of the platform and I cannot see where conduct and meetings protocols are being made clear. Great for networking and getting people to talk to each other. The uploading of custom floor plans is clunky and still needs work, but the function once applied is a necessity and works extremely well. “This is such a wonderful platform to connect in real-time, with like-minded professionals – GLOBALLY. Loved to be able to easily see; interact and engage with everyone akin the breakout rooms/lobby mode. Sinilar to our mission, he wanted to combat the feelings of social isolation that were ever-growing. The customer service is top notch. Video conferencing solution that includes screen sharing, online meetings, and group messaging on a unified platform. The table model allows for more intimate and focused conversations all the while providing plenty of space for all of the participants. I don't think we could have offered the same value to our attendees if we used multiple zoom chats or breakout sessions. Ideas are shared openly, there is collaboration between people and organizations from Hong Kong to Canada and everywhere in between. Like that the license is only attributed to the administrator - otherwise, many people can use the service without a designated license, as long as it doesn't exceed the limit set by your plan. Because your web browser and/or computer operating system are older or not supported and, therefore, not compatible with Remo. Bought the premium subscription to potentially use for a training program, but cancelled after one month due to tech issues with audio and insufficient security for our purposes.

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