remove duplicate surfaces grasshopper

I know David, and I’m sorry for being so touchy and impatient about this. line group (11.6 KB). Groups gives the right groups, but I am unsure how to then use that list to select the groups of lines. Subscribe to RSS Feed, Rhino modelling using SketchUp push pull technique, Explode a Grasshopper mesh into its faces. Are the duplicates in the original Rhino model? True about the plug-ins, I left it out because I was hopeful that we’d have the most common plug-ins available via Yak soon, but the testing phase has lasted longer than I thought. There may be other approaches, and there are even components inside plugins that do this, but I wanted to have my own in-house solution so I could understand what is going on. Ive attached an image describing the situation. These are accessible through a double-click on the component, disallowing any kind of parametric adjustments (as with the […], All content © Copyright 2020 by Pedro de Azambuja Varela. lands at the bottom (end) instead of the top (beginning) of the page. Is there any sort of limitation to consider when trying this process? In this little algorithm I build a single mesh for each face of the parent mesh. Explode a Grasshopper mesh into its faces Eventually, I want to pipe and boolean the groups of lines. Use the criteria carefully. This looks like a trick that could be useful for a grouping challenge I am working on. But you have something intersting here, and its maybe a part of the solution. provided at the time (but in fact there’s no 100% working solution for any case). Well … hope dies last for sure. … geez… calm down here. Not everyone has Kangaroo or Hoopsnake or Geco installed so if your file relies on those components, it might not open correctly elsewhere. By the way, it’s not ideal that the primary link to that page from here lands at the bottom (end) instead of the top (beginning) of the page. Booleans are a combination of processes (intersect, split, delete, join). Cull duplicates of any type. S.S.Cull: Cull Pattern Cull (remove) elements in a list using a repeating bit mask. Google Sheet – Process time calculator, It is quite common to find people confused by the notion of DPI and its influence in media size. The reason for not applying a Graph Mapper component directly deals with the way Graph Mapper has its settings adjusted. Some are very patient at re-explaining the same few things over and over. But you have something intersting here, and its maybe a part of the solution. Seems quite impossible to clean the data list, so the only option I see is to use a component/plugin which removes overlapping geomteries… anyone know ? Remove Duplicate Points based on a tolerance; Remove Duplicate Lines based on a tolerance; Sort Curves by Direction; Group all lines that share a common node; To install: In Grasshopper, choose File > Special Folders > Components folder. Richard While using Grasshopper, I’ve … Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Deleting internal faces of surfaces or meshes that are not duplicates, Wrap the geometry with a mesher (cocoon, zbrush, meshlab, ect.). This definition is the interior of a cluster I created that allows for the culling of duplicate items of any type based on a criteria. One of the great challenges is the duplication of data (Vertices) as to feed the Faces component. But you have something intersting here, and its maybe a part of the solution. Duplicated buildings shared the same verticies coordinates (see image), Is there a way to call out similar virticies, find their path (or index) and remove them from the list ?

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