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The “Report on the Inquiry into Rental Housing Licensing in the City of Waterloo” commends the City of Waterloo for taking a number of positive steps, including applying its residential licensing by-law city-wide and providing continuous education for the public and landlords about their rights and responsibilities. To change information on a Rooming House licence, you can go in person to apply with the Rooming House licensing clerk or write to Municipal Licensing & Standards office. Rental of a room where the owner occupies the property would not be considered a “rooming house” and would therefore not be considered a “commercial business”. The scope of this review is defined by the issues identified by Council in the By-law Review Strategy Report adopted in June 2015. The proposal would be to align the proposed definitions of the R4 Zoning Review where, if a property does not meet the definition of another type of property (i.e. {* legalAcceptanceAcceptButton *}, {* backButton *} Align proposed definitions with the R4 Zoning Review currently underway in order to provide clarity, consistency and to facilitate the identification of true rooming houses. As similar issues are covered in the Zoning By-law (2008-250, as amended), it will be considered as part of this Review. To require residential rental units within close proximity to post-secondary institutions obtain a license, the City of Ottawa would be risking potential human rights challenges. Toronto Building Customer service counter, Toronto Public Health, Healthy Environments, Bylaw enforcement - illegal rooming houses. Under the Zoning By-law, “rooming house, converted” is defined as: “the whole of a residential use building or the whole or part of any other building that was converted to a rooming house”. The landlord of a rooming house is legally liable for their tenants’ property. Under the Licensing By-law, “rooming house” is currently defined as: “a principle dwelling within the whole of a residential use building that contains at least four rooming units available to be occupied for compensation and which may also contain dwelling units and an administration office accessory to the operation of the house and includes a rooming house, converted”. Rooming houses can also include some self-contained units/bachelor apartments. This site uses JavaScript. Further, power of entry is often a limiting factor in investigations of suspected rooming houses. Rooming houses are only permitted in the former cities of York, Toronto and Etobicoke. Any properties that are found to be operating as an unlicensed rooming house would be in violation of the Licensing By-law and may be prosecuted. Additional details on rooming houses, including current rules and regulations, applications and fees can be viewed on the City of Toronto website. There has been an increasing demand for affordable housing in Ottawa, especially near post-secondary institutions as there has been a significant growth in enrollment. The Ontario Human Rights Commission (“OHRC”) was concerned that such a licensing regime would be discriminatory and initiated an inquiry. In 2008, Schedule 26 relating to rooming houses was added to the Licensing By-law including the following definitions: Schedule 26 to the Licensing By-law (No. The licence is only valid to the party to which it is issued. Applications are done by appointment only. illegal rooming house in Toronto was fined $75,000, Cineplex will not reopen some Ontario movie theatres under new COVID-19 restrictions, Ontario reports just under 1,000 new cases of COVID-19 today, Ontario government to present first pandemic budget, lay out next steps for recovery, Case involving alleged Toronto mosque killer put over to late January, Man stabbed after argument near Church and Wellesley, Police investigating after man found dead in car in Flemingdon Park, Trudeau slated to speak with Macron amid furor over his response to attacks in France, NDP to put wealth tax for pandemic expenses on Commons agenda: Singh, Mural on systemic racism has led to 'difficult conversations': Victoria mayor, Protection against cruel punishment doesn't apply to corporations: Supreme Court, Vancouver council waits until staff report in 2021 before making Olympic bid decision, Frustration grows as more flu shot appointments get cancelled, Study suggests Ontario could avoid hundreds of hep B infections with newborn vaccine, How to keep the Halloween spirit alive under COVID-19 restrictions, iPhone 12, Pro review: Apple proves you don’t need flashy gimmicks in a flagship device, 1 in 4 Canadians say their mental health is worse than during first COVID-19 wave, Toronto releases COVID-19 data revealing where the virus could be headed, What's open and closed in Toronto this Thanksgiving weekend, Toronto top doctor says multiple weddings led to 22 COVID-19 infections, 'Hamilton' a record-breaking hit before box office even opened: Mirvish, Alpine Canada recalls some athletes from Europe due to pandemic, Predicting a draw in colossal Liverpool vs. Man City tilt this weekend | Follow The Money, Bears cancel practice, close facility after positive COVID-19 test, Dolphins' Myles Gaskin placed on IR with knee injury, Howard Beck talks NBA start date, Masai Ujiri’s future, National Ballet of Canada cancels rest of 2020/'21 season, including 'Swan Lake', Bot's book club: Giller finalists reprogram algorithmic reading recommendations, Pioneering Black doll Baby Nancy enters Toy Hall of Fame, Like the NHL, Electronic Arts forced to adapt to pandemic in making hockey game, New kids' series 'Pikwik Pack' puts spotlight on deliveries. Former York, East York, North York & Scarborough Rooming Houses are not permitted by the Zoning Bylaw in the former cities of  East York, North York, or Scarborough. These include: Clarification is being sought on the definition of a “rooming house”. New applications for Rooming  House Licenses are circulated to the respective Ward Councillor and must comply with all applicable law including annual inspections which are conducted by ML&S and Toronto Fire Services and in some cases Toronto Public Health. Additionally, this option will assist in avoiding further issues with property owners that claim to be operating a “group home” (licensed by the Province) in attempt to avoid further licensing regulation involved with operating as a rooming house. Licence - rooming houses Rooming houses can include a house, apartment or building where you rent a room and share a kitchen and/or washroom with four or more unrelated people who pay rent. Rooming houses are only permitted in certain parts of the City. This has been the experience not only in Ottawa, but other municipalities such as The City of Waterloo (Good v. City of Waterloo, 2003), Orillia (Balmoral Developments Hilda Inc. v. Corporation of the City of Orillia, 2012) and St. Catherines (21619707 Ontario Inc. v. City of St. Catherines et. {* forgotPassword_sendButton *}, {* backButton *} Staff has been asked to identify a solution to address this issue. Rooming houses have been making headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. The yearly Rooming House licensing fees vary. Feedback collected from this paper will be used to assist in the review of Schedule 26 to the Licensing By-law respecting rooming houses, currently underway. Often when By-law Officers, Fire and Building Inspectors, or Zoning staff suspect a property is a rooming house and the matter is brought before the courts, the fault lies in the definitions of “dwelling unit” and “rooming house” in addition to the fact that “single housekeeping unit” has been given no definition. contains more than four bedrooms, but no more than eight bedrooms. Application can be picked up at the Toronto Public Health, Healthy Environments regional office located on the 4th Floor, North Building, 399 The West Mall (Etobicoke Civic Centre). Human rights concerns were raised, as this by-law only applies to areas around post-secondary institutions creating a vulnerability to human rights challenges. Clarity in what qualifies as a rooming house would provide an Officer with the ability to distinctly recognize whether or not a rental property is operating as a “single housekeeping unit” and require that properties not operating as such meet the necessary standards in order to obtain a license, including but not limited to yearly inspections. An error has occurred while trying to update your details. 2002-189, as amended) requires that every owner of a rooming house obtain a license and sets out the following conditions for the issuance of a rooming house license: Rooming house licenses expire annually. “Dwelling Unit” means a residential unit that: “Rooming house” means a residential unit, other than a group home or retirement home, that: is not used or intended for use as a residential premises by a single housekeeping unit; or, contains more than four bedrooms if located in a building that does not permit an oversized dwelling unit, or more than eight bedrooms if located in a building that permits an oversized dwelling unit. According to the city of Toronto: “Rooming houses can include a house, apartment or building where you share a kitchen and/or washroom with four or more people that pay individual rent.”. The R4 Zoning Review currently underway is zone specific; however, the definitions and recommendations would apply city-wide and should be taken into consideration as part of the review of Schedule 26 related to Rooming Houses.

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