sikaflex vs lexel

For thin beads or for bonding sheets where there is very little adhesive to stretch (IYSWIM) then IMHO the 221 will be a lot stronger. Time is money. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. No, or only minimal pretreatment is used in order to guarantee long-term adhesion. But sashco seemed to not have a problem recommending any of their products especially big stretch because it is an acrylic latex caulk they said... also Benjamin Moore said their product they sell in stores called Allpro stretch acrylic urethane would work for my situation. Sikflex 512 is a Polymer based sealant which has 500% elongation at break with a tear resistance of 5N/mm. Restore formatting, × One crack is probably 1/2 inch wide and the slab on one side of the crack is maybe 1/4 inch higher than the other. I'm planning to fix some cracks and make some repairs in my concrete garage floor. Tom Smit Posts: 6960 Joined: Sat Jan 05, 2008 6:24 pm Location: Sarnia, Ont. All Rights Reserved, We focus on internal growth and promoting from within; creating endless opportunities for new and veteran employees…, Have you ever wanted a park on your roof? Helping You to Do It Yourself! Upload or insert images from URL. Sikaflex®-118 Extreme Grab is a 1- part construction adhesive with very high initial grab which bonds most construction material substrates. %PDF-1.7 %���� The Soudal has an elongation at break of 400% and a tear strength of 3.5N/mm whereas the 221 figures are 600% and 6 N/mm. In fact, I can't get them off! Crash Test Dummy seems to have the answer, 221 is much more resistant to tearing. Maybe you can help me out here, but galvanized or aluminum flashing (gutters too I think...) that is painted or “baked on” white, brown etc, that can be found at home stores, lumberyards, flashing supply houses - is this coating Kynar? This website uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Haven't really tested it's flexibility though. The Soudal is a Polymer based adhesive whereas the classic Sikaflex (221) is polyurethane, as is Tigerseal.   Pasted as rich text. Can't beat Sikaflex as far as I'm concerned. I had the cycle wings on my last car bonded on with 221. Almost all commodity metal finishes that you would find at a big box store are not Kynar. At least that is what the sales team pushes. One crack is probably 1/2 inch wide and the slab on one side of the crack is maybe 1/4 inch higher than the other. If anybody in the forum have used Sika before, specially the Sikaflex 11FC, pls do chime in too. I'll let you make your own mind up but I'll stick (geddit?) Sikaflex 2C NS is a 2-component, premium-grade, polyurethane-based, elastomeric sealant. Urbana at Hunter’s Creek apartment complex built a beautiful park-like ro…, Sika is proud to announce SikaTile has been added to its comprehensive portfolio of solutions. I am being told it is like Sikaflex, but better. The below chart can be useful and Tremco doesn't seem to engage in the above scam. Become a GBA Prime member and get full access to GBA articles, enyclopedia, videos, CAD library, and more. In order to save time on construction sites, adhesives are used which offer a broad adhesion range and high initial grab, making screws and nails redundant  Sikaflex®-118 Extreme Grab is Sika’s answer to this need. 214 Posts . my question is whats the difference between this sikaflex 221 or sikaflex e.b.t? %%EOF SikaTile products…, The holidays are approaching and there is no better time to start thinking about your next floor project or wall fo…, Repairing your boat's gelcoat to be ready for the upcoming season? Switzerland. h�b``�b``�``c`�ca@ �(G�'O��9���w�%56�Z�}�����>�W�ߞ[|Yǐ����������``3a��4D�*i] � � �����Տ������%���z�}&&� Perhaps because the place I went to has Soudal product but not Sikaflex. JavaScript is disabled. Have used the NP1 around the feet supporting PV Racks on roofs, including asphalt shingle roofs. Sikaflex caulks are the industry leaders in structural sealants because of their high quality and professional grade performance. Lexel is Better than Silicone All purpose: Lexel is a co-polymer rubber-based sealant. But I’m sort of with you - the dymonic100 seems to have better specs - Better flexibility as compared to the class 35 of the fc... what other differences? Additionally, due to its high initial strength, no temporary fixation is required. It is similar to Sikaflex, but, in my uses the Sika can turn gummy/sticky. Sikaflex 221 White (for roof seams … use Eterna Bond spray cleaner to prepare surface) Sikaflex 715 (around fans, vents, skylights … self-levelling) Adseal Premium Quality Sealant White; Dicor self-levelling sealant; EternaBond® AlumiBond (alum. Rest of the cracks are smaller. REMINDER - COVID-19. I used clear Lexel on materials that move in multiple directions and are getting blasted by the sun all day and it looked as good the day I sold the house as when it was applied, maybe 8 years earlier. >��L�����[�-Ƀ��hP�Eu�3���������+(��D�h+,Vhmu�.l���JC|. Seek professional advice/confirmation before acting on such at all times. Matt, fibreglassing them on sounds more secure, but a bit permanent if I ever need to take them off for any reason. I dont know what I'd do without you! �:d�2���� S�q�\�'bd+�x�2���)�̬Ls���t&p.�aEQ�� I'm assuming that 221 is the sikaflex product used by Westfield, if so, then the Soudal Fix All might not be strong enough. I have heard this could be an issue - Sika said they have nothing. stephenh, and also hoping as a bonus this sealant would also be great for sealing under my drip caps over my trim and windows! Sikaflex Self Leveling Sealant is designed for joint applications while Sikaflex Crack Flex Sealant is more suitable for cracks. Board Composition and Succession Planning, Suppliers - Responsibility for Sustainable Development. I think that if anyone knew the answer and cared to comment they would have done so by now! What Is The Difference Between Sikaflex Crack Flex Sealant And Sikaflex Self Leveling Sealant? I prefer Sikaflex. You must be a magazine subscriber to access this feature. Synthetic-rubber products like Sashco’s Lexel ( and OSI’s Quad are not labeled as a particular chemistry like silicone or polyurethane, but represent some of the most flexible and clearest-curing products on the market. Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Sorry to hear that! ive been using quad max for a while but am leaning toward a switch to big stretch as the clean up is easier and is also toolable – just heard quad max isn’t meant to be toolable unbeknownst to me for the past 18 months …. Can I Use It On A Slope. 2"���ϸƸ�q�a�3�����q�� It has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials, even after seven days of water immersion.

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