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Little by little, it started to feel less like he was trying to relive his past exploits than trying to learn from them. It’s not so much that I begrudged Steve-O the attempt at “artistic growth,” it’s just that I always found Jackass a lot funnier than Jerry Seinfeld. A comedy special, loaded with really dumb stuff. to a billboard,” spokesman Brian Humphrey wrote in a public safety alert. The “Jackass” star was apparently promoting his new project “Gnarly.” He was not arrested. Vol. Loaded with more of the outrageous stunts you've come to love him for, this is more than just a hilarious comedy special - in Guilty As Charged, Steve-O holds nothing back! But if you follow his youtube channel, you've probably heard most of the "stand-up" material before, save the one of two new segments. I’m attached to a billboard right now (swipe to see the whole thing) and want to emphasize that a team of real professionals rigged everything safely. His agents did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment. Thanks! Humphrey said he did not require hospitalization. He stressed on Instagram that a team of professionals had safely adhered him to the billboard, located at the intersection of Cahuenga Boulevard and Yucca Street in Hollywood, using what appeared to be several layers of black duct tape. Yeah, Jackass, remember that? You can access his archive of reviews here. It's called Gnarly and, if you're over 18, check it out at! Vince Mancini is on Twitter. From his humble beginnings as a circus clown, to his career as a star of the monster hit Jackass, comedian, author, and all-around lunatic, Steve-O has done it all and then some. LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Prankster Stephen Gilchrist Glover, better known as Steve-O, was removed from a Hollywood billboard to which he taped himself Thursday. ‘Gnarly’ is streaming now via I paid for the billboard,” Steve-O said. Aside from sucking the spontaneity and mischief out of bits I once (and still, actually) love, it was a bit like watching Curly from the Three Stooges try to be Johnny Carson. Steve-O (a.k.a. LA NewsLocal News And Video For LA, Orange County, And Southern ... It’s called Gnarly and, If you’re over 18, check it out at! Further along in Gnarly, Steve-O discusses his sobriety (since 2008) and his intervention at the hands of Johnny Knoxville. The wrap covered him from chest to thighs, leaving him shirtless, barefoot, but able to socially post to Instagram. azkacorbuzier. LA NewsLocal News And Video For LA, Orange County, And Southern ... It’s called Gnarly and, If you’re over 18, check it out at! (For the record, you can stream it from his website, starting July 30th, no middle man necessary). 1 (sorry for the porn ad intro thing, i forgot to take it off before i uploaded) Report. "We had our own crane to get me down, we had a whole team that was ready to do it.". There are some cops over there, but they say they're not sure I'm committing any crimes. After failing miserably at the University of Miami, Steve-O was a homeless couch-surfer for three years before he attended Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, to help further his goal of becoming a famous stuntman. This is really important to remember, as this order successful/status page can be bookmarked (should your order email get lost). I never made it to the video. Please enjoy, and stay tuned for more gnarly naughtiness to be available in the future! F.A.Q. Copyright © Go123Movies. Be sure to check the box at the top (circled) to receive future mail from Steve-O. In the circle down the bottom, you can see the date for when your content should expire (usually 30 days from purchase date). Which is to say, Steve-O makes me feel the way he probably makes a lot of people feel: I just want Steve-O to be okay. ", "I didn't want there to be so many fire trucks or anything like that," he said. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Video of him being removed from the billboard showed he only wore what appeared to be white underwear underneath the tape. "Hey, everybody. On my first attempt at Gnarly, I had to turn it off after about 15 minutes. Glover was taken down from the billboard by 11 a.m. Video from Sky 2 showed firefighters strapping a safety helmet to his head before helping him down from the billboard. Jackass Star Steve-O Duct-Tapes Himself to a Billboard to Promote New Comedy Special Gnarly this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. A post shared by Steve-O (@steveo) on Aug 13, 2020 at 8:48am PDT. So I've been up on this billboard, duct-taped, for an hour and a half now," he said. Store Policy The email you entered in the payment process should also receive an email with both your 'Order Status' page URL & unique "Access Content" button/s (along with your payment receipt). And when I watch Steve-O swallow a sh*t-covered condom filled with Chris Pontius’s semen onstage to the sound of a paying, braying crowd in his new special, it’s hard to know whether I’m supporting his sobriety or enabling him. The spokesperson for the LAFD said their department is not authorized to issue punitive fines, and that any potential cost for the stunt's recovery efforts would be determined by the Los Angeles City Attorney. You've made it this far! We want to hear from you! Goodbye. (Dont try This without Professional Knowledge!) Introducing ... PEOPLE's Products Worth the Hype. Which isn’t to say that the footage gets any less insane. It’s called Gnarly and, If you’re over 18, check it out at! Thanks! Steve-O appears live onstage from Denver, with a tasteful part in his hair and clad in a snuggly red flannel, discussing the tribulations of his mid-aughts life (like getting arrested atop a giant crane and trying to puke up a giant condom filled with pot that he was choking on, all while high on drugs), mixing period footage of each incident with bad puns and the occasional special guest, like “Danger” Ehren McGehey — who lets Steve-O shave off his pubes and glue them to his face like a mustache, a la Jackass 3D. I firmly believe that Jackass is one of the enduring cultural products of the aughts, capturing perfectly the chaotic id, hedo-nihilism, and casual homoeroticism of the suburban American male.

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