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While her S1 and S2 are common twins skills, S3 is quite unique as it scales BOTH on enemy buffs and debuffs, AND can hit through ANY kind of shield (but the Necro boss shield). NO Shaina, the Fire Chakram Dancer is a good damage based crowd control monster in Summoners War. Should we spend all our crystals summoning? Skills Power Ups Evolution Stats PVP/PVE Ratings Start a mission and open the Combo Key menu. The water twins seem to do the most overall damage while the fire twins have the most control and safety. Summons help even for the amount of food they drop. They work amazingly right out of the gate. Is difficult and not funny at all do everything with just farmable monsters. You can use her as a damage dealer in Giant B10 and as an utility damage dealer in Rift of Worlds. We have prepared lots of guides for Summoners War and each one contains information that will make your work easier. Remember that if Chakram Dancer and Boomerang Warrior are in the same team, some of their skill will be buffed. This team is awesome, sometimes my Lushen dies but the run is still safe. This system is the basic PvP mechanic of the game. An other contender is Spectra, she is easy to build and she is the best f2p Boss killer in the game (used by 95% players against ToaH Bosses). Summoners war twins tier list Summoners war twins tier list This is not talking about "attack together" mechanics - they always attack together barring unique interactions like Tarq's ability or revenge procs - in these cases they won't "pull" their sister with them, but if one is actually "taking a turn", BOTH of them will attack together unless one is incapacitated. Just upgrade the building: The higher its level, the stronger the attack will be. That's how amazing they should be. I suggest to the new players to spam in the channel 110-120 to see if someone accepts the friendship, try to arrive as soon as possible to faimon and take the LD scroll. This Boss is immune to Attack bar manipulation, but you can still put the Speed debuff on him (this is very important!). Within the shop, summoning scrolls are also sold. You already have Belladeon, but is not enough! [This content is for mid/late-game Lushen, Lagmaron, the blue/yellow twins, Sigmarus, Theomars, Taor.. Every good Wind and Water single target damage dealer. I would say a minimum stat line would be: SPD as appropriate for the content you're running them in (NB10 requires less, DB10 requires more, PvP requires a lot unless you're running them like a fat Lushen). Likewise, you will be able to complete your rune set easily. ... Subreddit for mobile game Summoners War: Sky Arena. jk. For two reasons: 1. Bonus points if you steal something like Chloe's invincibility from a threat target! You shouldn’t give any runes to them and you shouldn’t take any of them to battle – they’re totally useless for fighting. FRONTLINE:Like in every other beast, you will need Attack buff! Discuss the latest gameplay, news and events with fellow summoners around the globe. Summoner’s War is, for all intents and purposes, an ancient mobile game by current App Store standards. The advantage of this system is that it allows you to win even the most challenging battles as a beginner. Choice of Chakram Dancer to pair her with will depend on opponents team composition but Shaia is a great combo together with her. Yeah, first thing I saw was "F" so I thought "Female". Here are the ones discussed so far: NB10 and DB10 - ATB reduction and AoE DEF break make her a very viable damage dealer. You should use these monsters for the following: In the  BlueStacks Guide for Beginners in Summoners War, we have stated that you can construct lots of buildings on your island. Belladeon = Heals and boosts attack gauge, applies def break and strips immunity to the boss with the second skill. Additionally, if there's Boomerang Warrior included in the team, one of Chakram Dancers will attack together with Boomerang Warrior during Boomerang Warrior's turn. Mediocre to decent all around Base Stats. You can use guild medals which you get from daily check-ins and achievements in this store. For a safe (lie, in R5 nothing is safe), but not to slow team you should use:1) One Damage reduction unit (like Dias, Darion, or Def+ buff)2) One/Two Cleaner. Com2uS, the South Korean developer behind this enduring turn-based MMO, have done their... Over the past year, Summoners War developer Com2uS surprised us all with the reveal of two new games in the same universe as their hit gacha RPG. Within the shop, summoning scrolls are also sold. One of these buildings is the “Arcane Tower”. Which pair of twins do you guys think suit gb/db/nb10 best? 104k. (Reusable in 5 turns), You can obtain Chakram Dancer from Something that many player underestimate, is the Magic shop. Like 80% of the questions dominating the thread were about "Should I get Shaina if I have no Boom" or "Which set of twins go best together?" Read our monsters guide! NO, not in early game. However, if you are looking to bring a control unit with built in despair already, Maruna is your monster of choice. Should we spend all our crystals refreshing energy? As second front liner you can use a water damage dealer (takes -15% critical hits from boss) or a hybrid support like Anavel (with +950/1000atk she is able to kill a minion wave with 3° skill). +5,000 HP or so. Mo Long uses S3, then Jeanne shields him for one turn, but Melissa can cut through the shield killing the already damaged Panda without any trouble. So, you can get a regular flow of summoning scrolls. The use of library is limited to the followings except the individual listening. You only need to know how to do it. Though as a stand alone unit, Maruna does provide a double AOE stun which would make her a better choice for RTA than in arena as the meta nowadays heavily favors CC teams. (remember that if you use Bastet you needs one more healer on the team).4) Damage Dealers based of Harmful effects are the best here (like Brandia and the Xiao Lin), but Fei, Hwa, Mei Hou Wang are good units too for Raid. He will grant “Soul Chain” to one of your monsters. Because this feature allows you to record a specific series of actions and then repeat them with a single keystroke. Site Review. Discuss the latest gameplay, news and events with fellow summoners around the globe. This doesn't mean that Shaina/Maruna are so amazing that you should take them into GB10, for instance, but for PvP, ToA (except non-crit/hit floors at least), and DB10 they should do very well. The third skill, like the other Chackram Dancers, has two aspects: first, it makes Melissa attack 2 times the enemy target ignoring alla damage reduction effects (such as shields and invincibility) and her damage will be increased by 10% for each beneficial effect on the target.

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