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They never told you the complete truth, but always built in again and again clever lies, which later lead to technical problems —and to your dependence on them. Now, one can give you the benefit of the doubt, that only the least number of your kind have any knowledge about these alien projects which are —as you explain it— top secret. Which kinds of paranormal activities can one generate with that? Apparently many of your modern civilized individuals are not in a position to think on their own, but rather let themselves be guided by programming and religion (which is also a manifestation of that ancient programming and part and parcel of the plan of the Illojim). Everything that you call paranormal. File history. These three pictures here are obvious counterfeits or erroneous identifications. This licensing tag was added to this file as part of the GFDL,, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0, GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.2 or later, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, Bruger:Palnatoke/Autolister/Stjernebilleder, Pianeti extrasolari confermati della costellazione della Lucertola,, Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the. Answer: Yes, but that incident was not the first one. The thin hull structure of that kind of disk craft is in and of itself not very stable, since those disks have not been designed for crashes as well as for flight in a field where there are exterior forces at work. Some layers of the field contain simple information about the solid matter of your body and its frequency, while other layers {contain information about} your spirit, your consciousness or, speaking from a human-religious point of view, your soul. To describe to you all the buildings and their tasks would be going too far. Now, back to the essentials: Plasma…now, with plasma I don’t mean just “hot gas”—as the concept is generally simplified by your people—but rather I mean a higher aggregate condition of matter. his First Contacts with the non-human being "Lacerta". Question: When you read these religious and animosity-ridden comments here, what do you think and feel then? None of these occurrences have happened in the last 200 years of your time scale. I’ll try to do it…wait just a second…you are going to have to separate yourself mentally from the illusion that that which you see is the true nature of the universe. Everything paranormal is dualistic, and it exists in the space that matter inhabits as well as in the sphere of influence {Feldraum}. Proof that Conehead skulls are ETs. As I already said, we were in direct contact in the last several centuries with some of your more primitive human tribes; these tribes had themselves succeeded in breaking through the old “creation programming;” they were able to meet us without tension, hate and total rejection. [1] My openness on this issue ends here. The Lacerta Files purport to be transcribed notes taken from an interview (by someone known only as Ole K.) with a female reptilian. To classify that as “good” or “evil” is really quite primitive, for the survival of any species argues for many varieties, among them your own, as well as for even the most varied of the worst or negatively-directed deeds. Essentially, in the world of real physics, there are no bipolar forces, but rather only “observer dependent reflective behavior” of a single, large unified force at different levels. It is the artificial sun zone in which specially illuminated corridors and rooms are housed. Answer: Yes. (The illusion of matter is fused, the fields in the sphere of influence overlap each other, but the main force would be reflected by that process and would assume a quasi-bipolar character.) You can’t even contact us directly, we have to contact you, just as I did with E.F. Those kinds of contacts however are not the rule but are very rare occurrences. Answer: I can attempt to do so, but I certainly will not tell you where this place is located. I think I ought to stop with this explanation. The reason for that is simply that you lack the basic understanding for seeing the background reasons. That species, which had built the ships in the first place —a species which I, by the way, count among those who are unfriendly towards you— was naturally worried about the investigation of their own technology by your kind. It sounds rather strange and certainly impossible for your comprehension, but perhaps this simple explanation can be of some use to you in helping you to understand. According to what I heard—what members of my species were told by members of that government—it resulted in an unintentional activation of one of the drive’s components in the unshielded condition. I had fully expected those kinds of extreme reactions. Answer: The last time I saw really no necessity in overburdening you with facts of that kind (and now you are obviously overburdened). The color shows me a powerful residual radiation; it was probably the case that high elements were used again as customary for the shifting. But your kind has always been ignorant and has from time immemorial tried to play around with forces which you have not even understood. I could even demonstrate it on you, but you were really horrified and confused the last time, so we’ll just leave it at an explanation. Can you explain to me how our governments came into possession of UFO material to the point that they could start their own projects? The sound is clearly heard on the recording tape. You asked me last time whether you people have the opportunity to protect yourselves against this influence, and I told you that only an awake and concentrated mind had any kind of a chance to withstand it. By the way, there are of course numerous secret teachings about the real possibilities which can give one these abilities, but I really don’t know anything exact about that. (The one in 1953, as I remember, even had an intact drive core. We are acquainted with theory and practice. Their clues to the construction of your “UFOs” were laid out in such a way that the solution to old problems caused new problems to arise simultaneously. Since the surface is flat, it is obviously not a genuine ship. Why the openness now? The height of the dome at the highest point is about 220 meters. With one of those kinds of unstable field structures —as your photo indicates— I consider it somewhat improbable that that ship is capable of making a flight of that length over the ocean. Let’s look it that way. If you would only comprehend that, then you would be a step ahead in your development. It encompasses the space between the eyebrows at the lower part of the brain where the pituitary (Fondin) and pineal (Blavatsky) glands lie. Size of this PNG preview of this SVG file: I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following licenses: Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents. Your conception of the physical world is based upon a simple material illusion. Are you familiar with your “quantum tunnel effect”? We have at our location all together 5 large artificial light sources which generate your UV light and its warmth through gravitational sources. Actually, it is not a genuine light (it is mostly not a genuine light whenever you see illuminating “UFOs”) but a special strongly charged form field which manifests itself in the space that matter inhabits as a quasi-light. When your general public chases counterfeits and frauds for a long time, then they will presumably discover too late, what is really going on in front of them in their atmosphere. Where do these military “UFOs” come from? Now he had no choice but to believe me. If you can’t circumvent these powers, then you’re better off not attempting it. Question: No, please continue. Our own abilities are not so powerfully developed; therefore, first we have to learn specifically alien mind influence in order to use our mimicry, for example—where mimicry is actually quite simple in your minds due to the implanting of the on/off switch. Some members of that human government are fully aware of our existence —also partially owing to an old religious basis. The old enemy of the American nation is on this side of the world, so why shouldn’t they test here? Extraterrestrial fossils in museums now! The central building is generally a center of religion, but also a center for climate control, and a center for the behavior and the regulation of the lighting system. The shape of the buildings is round and dome-like. There is no magic, only highly developed science, and everything that you label as “magic” is only a part of science. It focuses on "anti-gravity" concepts, and high energy physics that were discussed in the interview. In this position I am quasi-“immune” against certain restrictions. A.G.Gurwitsch analysed the embryonic development of the sea-urchin as a vector-field, as if the proliferation of cells into organs were brought about by putative external forces. I’ll give you some numbers so that you can make a better impression for yourself. That’s unusual —even the interval seems to be incorrect. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible. Can you explain? It does not lie in the ship’s drive itself, but rather in the direction of the field to your planet. Yes. These four white and very long “processes” on the underside of the ship itself portray a kind of quasi-gravitational light manipulation, i.e., the universal force field is being shifted in the direction of a simulated gravity. Time brings new opportunities. Answer: Generally not. [2] Even you people could theoretically do this; however, you are solidly blocked in these things. In terms of your chances against a more highly developed species, you have none at all. Question: Only one last question. That is as primitive as it is ridiculous. But back to your Question: Creatures with more powerful mental powers can have a direct influence on the para-layer by means of their consciousness/awareness fields.

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