unity 2d grass sway

0 The guy is Code Jesus to KennyNL's Asset Jesus. Note the line declaring float3x3 transformMatrix—here we select between our two transformation matrices, taking transformationMatrixFacing for the vertices at the base, and transformationMatrix for all others. Note that we rescale the sampled value from the texture from a 0...1 range to be in a -1...1 range. Answer, Procedural grass placement The easiest way is to stick a trigger collider on your GameObject. The blades of grass are now divided into multiple segments, but the surface of the blade is still planar—the newly added triangles are not yet being used. To make our triangles look more like blades of grass, we'll need to add some color and variety. Answer, Detail Mesh Problem Press J to jump to the feed. This is also a simple addition due to the solid base we have already set. Elevate your workflow with the Swamp Grass Material asset from Casual2D. Our geometry shader doesn't yet do anything; add the following code inside the geometry shader to emit a triangle. We will implement tessellation in our grass shader to control the density of the plane, and therefore control the number of generate blades. Its job is to subdivide a a single input surface into a many primitives. So, like, if the minimum point on your grass has coordinate -0.5 and the maximum point has coordinate 0.5, and your current y-coordinate is 0.25, then waveAmplitude will be equal to 0.75 * _WaveSize. As we move up the blade, the height increases, and the width decreases (as it tapers inwards). The grass will be capable of both casting and receiving shadows. However, it appears that only one is being created. We will reference it by its relative path to our shader. This ensures that the shader compiles all necessary variants required for shadow casting. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. 6 Rather than using texture coordinates assigned to the mesh, we will use the input point's position. One solution is to use anti-aliasing applied during post processing, which is available in Unity's post processing package. We will correct this by updating our output vertex positions to be offsets from the input point. Cart. This has yielded some odd results. When the player hits the trigger just move it back and forth on the x-axis. Up until now, we've only outputted three vertices, making for a single triangle—so with more vertices, how does the geometry shader know which ones should connect to each another to form triangles? This tells the GPU that we will emit (but are not required to) at most 3 vertices. A simple grass swaying shaders. This file is adapted from this article by Catlike Coding, which is an excellent reference on how to implement tessellation in Unity. Although we have defined our input primitive to be a triangle, we are only emitting a blade from one of the triangle's points, discarding the other two. We also have the multi_compile_shadowcaster preprocessor directive. The first thing we need is a trigger collider. The last piece of extra polish we can add is to make our foliage part when we jump. You sold me with this bit. We'll make that change now. We'll now use this UV to sample our texture, and create a property to control the wind strength. You can alternatively message me through Twitter or Reddit. We will use this value to calculate the width and height of the segment in each iteration of the loop, which we can do now. For surface shaders, Unity has a built-in tessellation implementation. How can I delete grass texture from Terrain. Supported by … Apr 15, 2019 - GRASS SWAY in Unity - SHADER GRAPH - YouTube When the player hits the trigger just move it back and forth on the x-axis. These colors are already defined in the shader file as _TopColor and _BottomColor. If the grass isn't animating in the Scene view, click the Toggle skybox, fog, and various other effects button to enable animated materials. When the spring acceleration dies down the oscillation is stopped. We'll correct this by defining a second transformation matrix that we apply only to the two base vertices. A Terrain The landscape in your scene. Right now, the triangles are all being emitted in the same direction, rather than outwards from the surface of the sphere. Love the art style and the crazy level of interactivity with the environment. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/sprite-management/2dxfx-2d-sprite-fx-42566, https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/textures-materials/foliage-2d-41759. We need the _enterOffset so that we don’t start bending the foliage until the player has passed the midpoint of the foliage. Each segment will be rectangular in shape, and made up of two triangles, excluding the top segment—this will be a single triangle representing the blade's tip. The OP over there said it gave much better performance than the other popular option, Infinigrass. Reflection is based on the object’s pivot point. [Interactive Grass Shader] #shader #unity. The triangles now much more closely resemble blades of grass, but—there are far too few of them. Before sampling the wind texture, we will need to construct a UV coordinate. Before we begin outputting more vertices from our geometry shader, we will need to increase the maxvertexcount. After applying linear shadow bias, banding artifacts are removed from the surface of the triangles. Hey y’all! It would certainly be less redundant to take in a point as our input. You can add billboard textures or meshes this way, and they will automatically animate. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. I'm trying to come up with the best way to create barley grass in Unity that looks realistic. There simply are not enough vertices in the input mesh to create the appearance of a dense field. We will multiply each vertex in our blade of grass by this matrix before it is passed into UnityObjectToClipPos, which expects a vertex in local space. First, we'll need to modify our GenerateGrassVertex function to take in a Y offset we'll call forward. Inside the loop, we add the variable t. This variable will hold a value, from 0...1, representing how far we are along the blade. The first three vertices are connected to form a triangle—as before—with each additional vertex forming a triangle with the previous two. Each iteration of the loop will add two vertices: a left and a right. It is unnecessary to redefine them in our grass shader; they can be removed. This texture will be similar to a normal map, except with only two channels (red and green) instead of three. I swear by Kenney's assets.Saved for later. To calculate the forward offset of each vertex, we will plug t into the pow function. Very bad suggestion. The rotation can be applied to the blade by multiplying it with the existing tangentToLocal matrix. Once again, we apply this matrix through rotation, taking care to add it in the correct order. If we retrieve the source for this macro from Autolight.cginc, we can see it requires the shadow coordinate to have a specific name. Tools. Ideally, we want to build our blades of grass—applying random widths, heights, curvature, rotation—without having to consider the angle of the surface the blade is being emitted from. The latter function works the same way as the Quaternion.AngleAxis C# function (although AngleAxis3x3 returns a matrix, not a quaternion). The grass blades' dimensions right now are fixed at 1 unit wide, 1 unit tall. If the blades of grass all stand up perfectly straight, they look very uniform. Since our geometry shader is written inside CGINCLUDE blocks, it is available for us to use in any passes in the file. there is a COMPLETE tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gY5b6mkCWs. Just like we did for the positions of the vertices, we will first calculate the normals in tangent space, and then transform them to local. In that way I can animate the batch of tall grass in front view and then in right/left view and place the animated texture on two planes that forms an X so the tall grass doesn't … A simple vertex shader is a way better option without all the overhead. We declare a loop that will run once for each segment in the blade. Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository’s web address. Lastly, we'll add some code to the fragment shader to put shadows, directional light, and ambient light all together. Instead, we will subdivide the input mesh using tessellation. Rated By: 85000+ customers . Oh nice! If you are a moderator, see our Moderator Guidelines page. You can use a BoxCollider2D or a CircleCollider2D. Before we do this, it will be useful to move some of our code calculating our grass vertex positions into a function, as we will be using the code several times in and outside our loop. they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. This could be done as follows. Naïvely, an implementation for interactable grass would contain two components: something in the game world that is capable of passing data into the shader to tell it what part of the grass is being interacted with, and some code in the shader to interpret that data.

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