what does pig stand for in pipeline

What does PIG stand for in Pipeline? To download this file you first sign in to your Schlumberger account. Because of the variety of environments that pipelines are found in, including underground or underwater, and the construction materials of most pipelines, pigs must internally record their data until it can be retrieved by the user. [11] When the product is sour, the barrel should be evacuated to a flare system where the sour gas is burnt. One theory states that in the past, a leather-bound tool was sent through the pipeline, making the sound of a squealing pig as it passed through. Pipeline pigging is a concept in pipeline maintenance that involves the use of devices known as pigs, which clean pipelines and are capable of checking pipeline condition. Gel pigs are a series of gelled liquid systems which have been developed for use in pipeline operations, either during initial commissioning, or as a part of a continuing maintenance program. Certain valves, like the G4N gate valve of the GROVE valve portfolio and WKM Saf-T-Seal slab gate valve, are ideal for these pig traps because their smooth, through-conduit design does not obstruct the line bore. There are also "smart pigs" used to inspect pipelines for the purpose of preventing leaks, which can be explosive and dangerous to the environment. Many systems are designed to pig the pipeline in either direction. V    Any change in dielectric material results in a change in capacitance. F    Pigs are used in lube oil or paint blending to clean the pipes to avoid cross-contamination, and to empty the pipes into the product tanks (or sometimes to send a component back to its tank). Maintain and maximize your flowline efficiency with customized chemical cleaning services, technologies, and workflows. Q    Caliper pigs can measure the roundness of the pipeline to determine areas of crushing or other deformations. During the pigging run the pig is unable to directly communicate with the outside world due to the distance underground or underwater and/or the materials that the pipe is made of. The pig can then be tracked through the pipe from above ground using an RX101 Receiver or a GeoAmp XT Geophone. Finally, pipeline layout is integral to consider when choosing a pig. The term originates from the initial pig devices, which were bundles of straw wrapped with wire or leather that were forced down the pipeline, resulting in a squealing sound. They are used for inspection of the condition of the pipe and/or its contents. Gel pigs do not wear out in service like conventional pigs. How Do Vortex-Induced Vibration Suppression Devices Work. Some early cleaning "pigs" were made from straw bales wrapped in barbed wire[4] while others used leather. [15] Testing was conducted by NETL DOE research lab at the Battelle West Jefferson's Pipeline Simulation Facility Data recording may be by various means ranging from analog tape, digital tape, or solid-state memory in more modern units. abbreviation; word in meaning; location; Examples: NFL, NASA, PSP, HIPAA,random Word(s) in meaning: chat "global warming" Postal codes: USA: 81657, Canada: T5A 0A7. Proper valve selection is essential at the beginning of the pipeline construction process to ensure that pigging is possible if required. Until recently, tape recording (although digital) was still the preferred recording medium. Foam pigs are capsule shaped and made out of polymer foam. The primary purpose of pipeline pigs is to make sure that the pipe is clean and free from obstruction. [7][8] "PIG" is used as a backronym from the initial letters of the term "Pipeline Inspection Gauge".[3][1]. The inspection results are typically archived (perhaps in Pipeline Open Data Standard format) for comparison with the results of later pigging runs on the same pipeline. Inline inspection pigs can also be used to examine the pipeline from the inside, and specialty pigs are used to plug the line or isolate certain areas of the line. The Pipeline Pigs are thus moved inside a pipeline without halting the high-pressure flow of the product. A form of flow assurance for oil and gas pipelines and flowlines, pipeline pigging ensures the line is running smoothly. Power for the electronics is typically provided by onboard batteries which are also sealed. Because there now exist multi-diameter pipelines, dual and multi-diameter pigs have been developed, as well. The pig is pushed either with a gas or a liquid; if pushed by gas, some systems[10] can be adapted in the gas inlet in order to ensure pig's constant speed, whatever the flow pressure is.

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