who defeated sextus pompey while also serving as consul in 37 bce

It remained the reference map of the world throughout Roman and medieval times. The powerful alliance that Caesar made gave him a chance to implement his plans. In contrast Marcus Agrippa was Rome's second most important man for 19 years (from 31 BCE to his death in 12 BCE), as long as the reigns of Trajan or Marcus Aurelius. ", "To the west of the bathing complex, Agrippa created an immense artificial lake, the Stagnum Agrippae, but about which little is known. Pompey married Caesar’s daughter Julia to secure their bond. A bargain was struck with his rival Marcus Licinius Crassus (who had actually defeated Spartacus), the two were jointly elected consuls, and Pompey was given another triumph. Updates? The triumvirate was kept secret from the Senate until Caesar’s proposal for agrarian reform1was blocked by Rome’s highest legislative body. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). WordPress technical support: Grzegorz Konieczny. News of Pompey's victories in the east – and probably of his divine honours there – reached Rome before he did. Its details suggested covert alliance with Caesar's enemies: among his various legal and military reforms was a law allowing retrospective prosecution for electoral bribery. To such a move by Octavian, Antony hardly reacted at all. It would later burn down and was rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian (r. 117-138 CE) who kept Agrippa’s original inscription on the facade of the building. Remarkable too was the fact that he completed these projects without any public funding. As long as they met Rome's increasing requirement for slaves, left her allies and territories untouched and offered her enemies no support, they were tolerated. As a result of the agreement, Lepidus was confirmed to be assigned both Spanish provinces, together with Gaul of Narbonne. Antony’s navy consisted of 500 ships, which were much larger than those at Octavian’s disposal. Pompeius Strabo ascended the traditional cursus honorum, becoming quaestor in 104 BC, praetor in 92 BC and consul in 89 BC, and acquired a reputation for greed, political double-dealing and military ruthlessness. Antony and Cleopatra fled to Alexandria immediately after the battle, where they planned to continue their hostilities. But with the future Augustus taking Lepidus' former troops and territories of Africa under his control, Octavian was forcing the hand of his other partner in the triumvirate, Mark Antony. [14] However, Sulla had his own triumph first, then allowed Metellus Pius his triumph, relegating Pompey to an extra-legal third place in a quick succession of triumphs.[15]. The soft, cool water was considered particularly fine to swim in and the poet Martial declared that it was so brilliantly clear that an observer could scarcely perceive it even was there, and only the polished marble surface over which it flowed, with barely a ripple, revealing it.Seneca used to mark the beginning of the New Year by taking a cold plunge in the Virgo, while Ovid hung around its porticoes to enjoy the views of the Campus Martius, and to find women. by William Whiston, available at Project Gutenberg.). In 2006 he was played by John Shrapnel in the BBC docu-drama Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire. [38][39] Plutarch claimed this triumph represented Pompey's – and therefore Rome's – domination over the entire world, an achievement to outshine even Alexander's.[40][41]. Sulla made ample use of his youthful ally’s military abilities. For this purpose, he carried out a victorious campaign in Spain, where he won large tracts of land for Rome. The victory allowed Octavian to become sole ruler of Rome and to establish the Roman Empire. He earned the respect and good-will of the provincials, including and especially from the Jewish population - a fact rare enough with Roman rulers to be mentioned, as many 'good' emperors like Vespasian, Titus, Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius had particularly strained relations (to say the least) with the Jews. Pompey's meteoric rise to the consulship was unprecedented; his tactics offended the traditionalist nobility whose values he claimed to share and defend. Beard, 15–16: citing Plutarch, Pompey, 45, 5. The extent and nature of their threat is questionable; anything that threatened Rome's grain supply was cause for panic. When Augustus gave up his consecutive consulships in 23 BCE, it was in "exchange" for these two tremendous powers. As a result of this agreement, the consuls and the Senate were marginalized, the future death of the republican system was signalled and the full power of Lepidus, Antony and Octavius ​​was emphasized. Some Rights Reserved (2009-2020) under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license unless otherwise noted. [20], Pompey remained there from 76 – 71 BC; he was for long unable to bring the war to an end due to Sertorius' guerrilla tactics. Agrippa constructed a naval fleet for Octavian. It resisted such claims, but was eventually absorbed into Rome's empire. In the Senate and behind its scenes, Pompey was probably equally admired, feared and excluded; on the streets he was as popular as ever. Caesar then decided to make a speech to the people’s assembly, in which the agreement of Caesar, Crassus and Pompey was indirectly revealed. He died during the Marian siege against Rome i… Consulship in 37 BCE Made Porta Julius for war against Sextus Pompey 36 BCE: Battle of Naulochus Renovation of Aqua Marcia Cleansing Cloaca Maxima Aedile in 33 Battle of Actium 28 BCE: Consul 27 BCE: consul Building of the Pantheon 23 BCE: governor of the eastern provinces 19 BCE: Cantabrian War [36], "Of the Jews there fell twelve thousand, but of the Romans very few.... and no small enormities were committed about the temple itself, which, in former ages, had been inaccessible, and seen by none; for Pompey went into it, and not a few of those that were with him also, and saw all that which it was unlawful for any other men to see but only for the high priests. Yet he always turned down the honour. They agreed that Pompey and Crassus would again stand for the consulship in 55 BC. They used the title of Augustus for the senior emperor and Caesar for the junior emperor, who was also his designated heir. In 59 BCE Caesar was appointed consul, with the support of Crassus and Pompey, which enabled Pompey to fulfil  the land-grants to his veteran soldiers and to also have his settlement in the east ratified. Soon there was a meeting between Octavian and Antony in Taranto (37 BCE), where the two men decided to dissolve the alliance with Sextus and assured of mutual assistance in their battles. He had divorced his third wife, Mucia, allegedly for adultery with Caesar, and now proposed to ally himself by marriage to the party of the young senatorial leader Marcus Porcius Cato the Younger. But the nobles were closing their ranks against him, and his offer was rebuffed. Under his command, the young and inexperienced Octavian already had 3,000 loyal veterans, to whom he paid 500 denarii. He quickly took Korkyra, and then landed on the shores of Epirus. So Pompey was allowed to bypass another ancient Roman tradition; at only 35 years of age and while not even a senator, he was elected Consul by an overwhelming majority vote, and served in 70 BC with Crassus as partner. Their duties included upholding public morals, administering the state's finances, overseeing public works, and of course taking the census of Roman citizens and of their property. Once a Selucid province, in Pompey's day and for some time to come it was a semi-independent territory whose sovereignty was debated by neighbouring Greek polities. Our latest articles delivered to your inbox, once a week: Numerous educational institutions recommend us, including Oxford University and Michigan State University and University of Missouri. Octavian faced an emergency and thus called him from Gaul to fight against Pompey who owned the Tyrrhenian Sea with his massive naval fleet and was blockading Italy from its vital grain supply coming from Sicily. [16] His refusal to give in to his troops' near-mutinous demands for cash probably impressed his mentor and Rome's conservatives. Lucullus called Pompey a "vulture" who fed from the work of others. ", "In the wake of the constitutional arrangement, choosing to rebuild the Saepta clearly demonstrated the régime’s full commitment to free elections within Rome’s republican democracy. While several attempts at various compromises with Sextus had taken place in 39 BC, the power struggle between Octavian and Sextus began in 38 BC. Pompey, an experienced man by 70 BCE, was, however, illegible for the consulship since he was too young and had not held the positions of quaestor or praetor inline with the cursus honorum. Their alliances might be loose and temporary or more-or-less permanent; some regarded themselves as nations.[25]. In 59 BCE Pompey the Great entered a political alliance with Julius Caesar and Marcus Licinius Crassus. Whilst these actions would not have perhaps been seen favourably by Caesar; that is not to say that they were not directly enacted so as to do so. For he had caused to be made in duplicate the seal which he used most at that time, the design being a sphinx, the same on each copy; since it was not till later that he had his own likeness engraved upon his seal and sealed everything with that then. Territories of the Roman Republic held by triumvirs and their opponents in 43 BCE. At the end of his consulship, Caesar secured proconsular command in Gaul. This event finally shattered the “alliance of the three”. Octavian’s ships surrounded Antony’s larger galleys and launched missiles and rammed them, hoping to board the enemy vessels.

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