why are aquarius so rare

Aquarians get extremely attached or even addicted to the few who can break through their shells and get close. I read it all and I agreed with every single one this is so me! Many say that Aquarius is the emotionally detached kind of person; in fact, they can definitely be emotional but choose not to display it on the outside. They have a Dark Sense of Humor and are sarcastic intellectual. The sun will be in Aquarius at the end of January and stay there a month before transiting to another sun sign. Not many know this, but Aquarius loves hard in a relationship. It is always nice to see that your day’s forecasts matched your expectations as if they were tailor-made for you. Aquarius does feel hurt after a bad breakup and becomes insecure. But if you’re looking for old-fashioned romance, and a lover to make you feel really special, the typical Aquarian is unlikely to fit the bill. I can’t believe that my sign is one of the rarest signs btw I’m a Sagittarius , Im an Aries ;-; No wonder why I just found two Aries human from online to real life TwT. They are eager to share their insight with others, and happy to argue their point if needed. Aquarians will never understand why it's so bad to dream. Fearing of commitment is a special quality of this sign – they will run away once feeling suffocated or tied down. It's all or nothing. Characters of Aquarius Man: Why is He Misunderstood? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Aquarius woman is a puzzle, sometimes to her own self. We don't want pity or attention; we just want to feel better. Right? Sagittarius, which is present for much of December, is also one of the rarest signs, as birthdays between November 22nd and 28th seem to be among the least common of the year. Odihtfiom? Instead, they just let it be because it simply didn’t work and no need to waste time analyzing things. They are also the type of people who can pick up a new gadget and figure out how it works in a few seconds. He also has the reputation of not committing himself to one person, but this is totally false. What I love the most when befriending with Aquarius is that they are great listeners and often comes with really good advice. If you need a shoulder to cry on, Aquarius will be the first one offering it. If everyone is saying yes, they will be saying no. When an Aquarius does finally let you in, you're in. Their imaginations practically invent new colors and we definitely set trends. However on the down side they can sometimes be SO willing to forgive that they give people a second chance that don't necessarily deserve it. They find it extremely hard to cope with dull routines and hate the idea of repeating the same things again and again every day. They are often thought leaders who push the boundaries of what is possible choosing to do things their own way rather than conventionally. Why Aquarius is the most beautiful sign... By Horoscope.com Most Aquarians could care less about being seen as beautiful on the outside, because deep inside they know they are gorgeous, regardless of the outward look. We love too hard. Aquarians love and live positivity, so when negativity makes an appearance, it throws off our entire beings. They'll blow your mind just by the way they think and their ideas that seek to revolutionize the world. She is both loving and detached. Smart and creative, Aquarius obviously is good at many things and has plenty of skills but it’s a big NO when it comes to telling lies. The Aquarius is forever a student in the school of life and they have a natural gift for understanding new ideas and concepts... FAST. The Aquarius  goes left if everyone is going right. Where casual relationships are concerned, they will often have no compunction about keeping two or more lovers on the go at the same time. They are one of a kind. Ruled by the unpredictable planet Uranus, Aquarius is the most eccentric zodiac sign -- there's never a dull moment with an Aquarius around. The Aquarius has so much to give, and they are happy and eager to contribute. They aren't very good liars. Like all the other signs, we don't mean to be the way we are. We'll revert right back to being emotionally disconnected, and this time, the wall will be even thicker. I want the truth can’t stand liers. Because we're in touch with our souls in a different way. We wear our hearts on our sleeves because we don't know anything else. bobby, the first cunt was your mother, now bend over and suck it, the little bit that’s there. Thanks. Do you think they will cry out hard until feeling better or act as nothing happens then cry quietly in their room? Though the pain of a breakup is hard to ease, let’s find out how an Aquarius handles a broken heart as well as heal their feelings based on their personality in today’s article. What makes Aquarius natives extremely tempting is their capacity to stand out in the crowd. Aquarius looks for the best in people and they are willing to give someone a second chance. Maybe they will spend one day crying out all the stress and sadness, but then they will reach for support. Stay safe and healthy. 12. They have an almost sixth sense for detecting when someone is feeding them bullshit and if you're fake with them they'll have no time for you. 13 Reasons Why Aquarians Make The Best Friends Ever, 11 Things You Need To Know About Loving An Aquarius.

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