why did orson run over mike

0 0. Before learning about who actually ran him over, I'm surprised that Mike never considered the fact that his being run over might have been done by Orson or someone related to him. There have been 6 seasons, so about "6 years" worth of time, plus the 5 year time jump, that makes 11 years. Bree finds it and demands Orson return it. Why isn't Zeke in the saved by the bell reboot, everybody else is. He did it on purpose because Mike saw Orson at Monique's house the night she was killed. Gilbert McCluskey: (??? ?-2014) - Natural Causes.52. Dylan Mayfair: (1988-1994) -- Crushed by bookcase.29. Later she leaves there to work full-time as the manager of the Scavo Pizzeria. Who do you think will win this election and when will we find out who's president. In an attempt to bring Orson and Alma back together, Gloria killed Monique, and Orson reluctantly decided to help her cover it up. When the truth came out, it caused a scandal at their church and he became an alcoholic. Ralph the Gardener: (1963-2006) - Car accident.11. Edwin Hodge: (??? After six months of dating and of being in a … ?-1995) -- Unspecified.22. Season 3. She became a housewife when she got pregnant with Porter & Preston, however she trades places with Tom at the end of the first season and starts working in advertising again at Parcher & Murphy. Edit. 5 years pass between season four and season five. 2 months pass between season five and season six.One may argue that each season is not exactly one year, as it's not an entire year for us in "real time" either. Michelle Stafford or Gina Tagnoni? So, was it an accident, or was it on purpose? Orson gave the bloody murder weapon to Mike. ?-2013) -- Electrocution.42. In the series finale, she takes a job in New York as CEO of the American branch of Katherine Mayfair's frozen food company.After over 20 years as a homemaker, Bree starts a catering company with Katherine Mayfair. Jeff Bicks: (??? I used to like that show. 3 Answers. ?-2014) -- Strangled to death.49. Fire Victim #3 (2013)36. Mike went to Monique's for a plumbing job and Susan called him on the phone and he left for a couple of hours then returned when he got their Orson handed him his wrench which was the bloody murder weapon. Why did Orson run over Mike? 3 years ago. Metacritic Reviews. Delany was invited back in season 4 to play Katherine, who it was decided would be a character that would "out-Bree Bree".lhui Before learning about who actually ran Mike over, I'm surprised that Mike never considered the fact that his being run over might have been done by Orson or someone related to him. ?-2014) - Plane crash.47. ?-2015) - Bludgeoned to death57. Probably, though I'd still be wondering about Orson if I were him. For example, the show takes a look at the lives of a group of female friends, their husbands, their children and most importantly, the ghosts in their closets. I used to like that show. Curtis Monroe: (1958-2006)-- Accidentally shot himself after falling through stairs9. ?-2015) Natural Causes54. 1 month passes between season three and season four. Teresa Pruitt: (??? 'GH' Do You Agree Its Weird For Actress Lisa LoCicero And Actor Dominic Zamprogna To Play Mother And Son Knowing They're 7 Years Apart? Yes he did bc he thought Mike knew about what happened to his wife. My a high ax Rick n morty  plot or like South Park plot? ?-1979) -- Wrists slit.19. ?-2007) -- Killed during a tornado.26. While, granted, there's probably no baby in there, that's definitely the appropriate size for a newborn.This is Paige Scavo in that Season 8 episode you referenced: User Ratings Fire Victim #5 (2013)38. 3 Answers. Fire Victim #6 (2013)39. Orson ran over Mike because he was.....there. While Mike was gone Orson's mother played the late GREAT Dixie Carter murder Monique. User Reviews Daphne Bicks: (??? I used to like that show. The show is not intentionally set in any particular existing state. ?-1997) -- Natural causes; was kept in freezer21. Emily Portsmith: (??? Fire Victim #2 (2013)35. So Orson meant to run him over but only because he was trying to protect his psychomother. 0 0. Still have questions? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Still have questions? I really disliked him in this storyline but also was glad it lead to him leaving so we had some new stories for Bree. Martha Huber: (1962-2004) -- Strangled.3. ?-2005) Murdered with an axe.10. Why did Orson run over Mike at the end of Season 2. where can i watch scenes of amber and rick in b&b. ?-2006) - Involuntarily removed from life support.12. Were everyone at Walter Reed Hospital faking Trump's COVID infection too? Get answers by asking now. Then years later, Orson was Mike's dentist, and Mike mentioned that Orson looked familiar, but Orson dismisses that as impossible, and Mike decided he's right. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DesperateHousewives community, Continue browsing in r/DesperateHousewives. My favorite was when Teri Hatcher was doing online stripping, jeez louis. If Trump goes up in the election, will we then here about Russia meddling in the election? for the night. ?--2013) -- Heart attack.40. I'm sure there were others who's like to run him over. Rebecca Shepard: (??? Fire Victim #1 (2013)34. Edit, Awards Which Phyllis did you like? Why the polls were wrong about Trump (again), 'Stop the count': Trump backers rally at vote centers, Live: Biden moves closer to reaching 270 votes, Fox News hosts question network's Ariz. call for Biden, Union members picked Biden after Trump 'abandoned' them, Black men drifted from Dems to Trump in record numbers, Pennsylvania AG on Trump lawsuit: 'We'll win again', Trump campaign unleashes wave of suits in key states, Coach cracks down on Tate's 'selfish behavior', Giants trainer may have saved this player's wife's life, 2020 election results highlight Hispanic diversity. He was already very suspicious of Orson (For good reason) after regaining his lost memories of the night Monique died and was even still suspicious after the matter was settled with the police and the murder was pinned on Orson's ex-wife, Alma. it was because mike knew about orson and how he killed monique (actually it was gloria, orson's mom), and was there the night she was killed, and he didn't want mike spreading it around wysteria lane so he ran over him, landing him a coma and he couldn't remember anything. He was supposed to deceive Bree, so he tried to eliminate the man who could ruin his plans. ?-2014) -- Strangled to death.50. The city is meant to be a symbol of idyllic suburban living that is often stereotypically associated with America circa the 1950's.It is also difficult to tell proximity because the show has referenced Chicago, New York City, and Salt Lake City, and not saying whether they are near or far from those cities. Iris Beckley: (??? He sleep walks and sleep talks about it. However, when Mike saw Orson for a dental exam and recognized him, Orson ran Mike over in an attempt to cover his tracks. Ida Greenberg: (??? Sneaks 165  Fire Victim #4 (2013)37. Orson ran over Mike because he was.....there. Favourite answer it was because mike knew about orson and how he killed monique (actually it was gloria, orson's mom), and was there the night … Millicent Tilman. Why was Orson so sensitive about suicide? Sam Brooks lists all the truly terrible things these women did over eight seasons. While Mike was gone Orson's mother played the late GREAT Dixie Carter murder Monique. If you look at the postage on the mail, the zip codes on the Wisteria Lane addresses are in California. ?-2015) Hit and Run58. Mary Alice Young:- (1962-2004) -- Committed suicide by shooting herself.2. 1 Biography 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Season 7 1.3 Season 8 1.4 Post-Death 2 Trivia 3 Gallery Chuck was born in Pennsylvania. Relevance. External Reviews Charlie/Aurora Solis: (2005) Miscarried8. Lv 7. In the final season, she becomes a personal shopper at Cumberley's department store. However, Mike, who had a plumbing job at Monique's house was a witness to the murder so Orson tried to kill him by running him over with a car. There have also been three other short jumps in time over the seasons that make up the other 9 months. Al Kominsky: (??? Bold & The Beautiful...Do you think this is sickening? ?-2014) - Plane crash.46. Patrick Logan: (1967-2014) - Car Explosion.53. Get answers by asking now. Desperate Housewives is an American television comedy-drama and mystery series created by Marc Cherry and produced by ABC Studios and Cherry Productions. I hope people accept whoever wins the election without riots, what about you ? By the end of the season, she moves to Paris with her new girlfriend and it is revealed in the series finale that she started a very successful frozen food business in France, which eventually expanded internationally.Edie is a real estate agent. Gaby was pregnant with both children and carried both to term. At the end of season 6, her late husband's biological son Sam Allen blackmails her into signing over to him the catering business, so she becomes a housewife again. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. My favorite was when Teri Hatcher was doing online stripping, jeez louis. Had someone he loved try to kill themselves? Get your answers by asking now. 96: 9 "Me and My Town" David Warren: Lori Kirkland Baker: November 30, 2008 () 15.81 ?-2014) Heart attack44. While this is a very valid argument, the considerable age jump in the Scavo children at the beginning of season 5 is consistent with a 9 year and some month increase from the beginning of season 1. I think it was an accident, but my sister says it was on purpose. No, I think it was on purpose. Does Mike know that Orson is the one who ran him over? Philadelphia does it again. | | One day his mother, Gloria, asked Orson to stay with him, saying she had to visit a sick friend but Orson later left because he had plans … If you watched both versions of The Office, which one did you like better? Edit, This is the size of a new born baby: http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120613232753/desperate/images/3/32/Promo_623_16.png Before Big Little Lies, there was Desperate Housewives. I'm watching ZERO election coverage tonight. Desperate Housewives: Why did Orson run over Mike? Tom is rude to Orson because he says he knows how he feels. 3 years ago. ?-2007) -- Impaled by a fence post during a tornado.24. Good? Despite being informed that it was highly unlikely Gaby would be able to conceive children, by season six, Carlos and Gaby are the parents of two daughters - Juanita and Celia. 6 months pass between season two and season three. Mike told Susan that Bree Hodge's husband, Orson, had run him over, Susan furiously told Orson to stay away from her family and told Bree what happened. Carlos and Orson get badly injured along with Mike and are sent to the hospital. What happened to Gabrielle & Carlos' baby? ?-2014) -- Strangled by an unknown assailant.43. Carlos and Gaby's embryo did not successfully implant into the surrogate of the other couple. http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120711184941/desperate/images/6/6f/815_02.png No time passes between season one and season two. ?-2008) -- Shot.28. Both Orson and Bree have been accused of murdering their previous spouses. Who was the father of Gabrielle's baby? Edit, Gabrielle is an ex-model, however she also worked for a very short time in a cosmetics shop, as well as helping as a consultant at the "Little Miss Snowflake" pageant. Tom is mad because Tom didn't do anything wrong to loose his job while Orson ran over Mike. Bree becomes a minor celebrity and releases a very successful cookbook. Melanie Foster: (??? As the ominous season finale drew to a close, for no obvious reason, Orson ran over Mike with his car, putting the plumber into coma for over 6 months. Edit, Wisteria Lane is located in the fictional town of "Fairview" in the also fictional "Eagle State."

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