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Shigley, J. E., and Mischke, C. R. (1989). function getRFSSeriesInfo(){ The following represent the most common yield criterion as applied to an isotropic material (uniform properties in all directions). It is proposed that yield occurs when the distortion component exceeds that at the yield point for a simple tensile test. With YES Coat Systems, coat a variety of substrates with unique benefits including: Transform materials using thermal and chemical processes via YES Cure Systems for emerging technology and emerging research needs. document.getElementById("coat-box1").style.display="none"; exceeds the shear yield strength function getLabCoatInfo(){ function getGSeriesInfo(){ Based on a different theoretical underpinning this expression is also referred to as octahedral shear stress theory. document.getElementById("coat-box-2").style.border="none"; document.getElementById("cure-box-2").style.border="3pt solid #36A4A2"; This theory gives good predictions for brittle materials. document.getElementById("coat-box2").style.display="none"; Engineering Systems (YES). The most important innovation to improve people’s everyday lives is happening at the nanoscale. max Cotton gin: The cotton gin is a machine that separates seeds, hulls and other unwanted materials from cotton after it has been picked. function getVertaCureInfo(){ } document.getElementById("cure-box-1").style.border="0px"; Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering: A NASA Journal addresses issues and innovations in Systems Engineering, Systems Integration, Software Engineering, Software Development and other related areas that are specifically of interest to NASA. There are various career options that you will find once the time comes for you to make a decision in this regard. τ Maximum principal stress theory – by William Rankine (1850). {\displaystyle b} We join our global partners and customers on responsible engineering and product journeys to transform the modern world. Yielded structures have a lower stiffness, leading to increased deflections and decreased buckling strength. Some of the more popular anisotropic yield criteria are: Phenomenon of deformation due to structural stress. document.getElementById("coat-box1").style.display="none"; document.getElementById("coat-box-4").style.border="none"; document.getElementById("coat-box-1").style.border="3pt solid #6EBF82"; function getEcoCoatInfo(){ where document.getElementById("coat-box2").style.display="flex"; document.getElementById("coat-box-4").style.border="none"; Yield occurs when the maximum principal strain reaches the strain corresponding to the yield point during a simple tensile test. σ document.getElementById("coat-box2").style.display="none"; {\displaystyle \sigma _{2}\,\!} τmax equal to: The theoretical yield strength can be approximated as You may also order customized cassettes and additional replacement parts for YES systems. The relationship of this mechanism goes as: where Yield- Dielectric Vacuum Cure Ovens, 1912 Zoo- Aquariums, 1832 Mechatronics, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Paper Engineering Electrical, Food, Genetic, Highway Engineer Mechatronics- mission-critical control software, 1955 Nuclear- 5-million-volt Van de Graaff generator built, 1937 Oil function getVertaCoatInfo(){ A yield criterion often expressed as yield surface, or yield locus, is a hypothesis concerning the limit of elasticity under any combination of stresses. } For a 3-dimensional stress state this is given by: Maximum distortion energy theory (von Mises yield criterion) – This theory proposes that the total strain energy can be separated into two components: the volumetric (hydrostatic) strain energy and the shape (distortion or shear) strain energy. τ This increases the yield strength of the material since now more stress must be applied to move these dislocations through a crystal lattice. Our customers can also subscribe to Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) to fulfill certain project requirements. The YES Applications Lab and Customer Design Centers help our technology partners and customers to accelerate innovation with end-to-end collaboration. Parallel capacitive 1000W plasma system provides manual, gentle molecular level curing. . y In materials science and engineering, the yield point is the point on a stress-strain curve that indicates the limit of elastic behavior and the beginning of plastic behavior. It is often difficult to precisely define yielding due to the wide variety of stress–strain curves exhibited by real materials. A. M. Howatson, P. G. Lund and J. D. Todd, "Engineering Tables and Data", p. 41. The governing formula for this mechanism is: where Engineering Systems (YES). User-friendly plasma cleaning systems provide higher yields and repeatable results. document.getElementById("coat-box2").style.display="none"; Also known as Hall-Petch strengthening, this type of strengthening is governed by the formula: The theoretical yield strength of a perfect crystal is much higher than the observed stress at the initiation of plastic flow.[18]. document.getElementById("clean-box-2").style.border="none"; is the dislocation density. The yield strength is often used to determine the maximum allowable load in a mechanical component, since it represents the upper limit to forces that can be applied without producing permanent deformation. is the particle radius, Where the presence of a secondary phase will increase yield strength by blocking the motion of dislocations within the crystal. {\displaystyle \tau _{\max }=G/30} The yield surfaces corresponding to these criteria have a range of forms. Removes thick layers of photoresist or polyimide quickly (up to 6,000-7,000 Å/min), Applications range from aggressive strip processes to gentle descum and surface modification, Downstream process balances plasma charge and protects against damaging UV exposure, Precise temperature control for uniform, repeatable results Up to four (4) process gas connections, Single wafer automated process with extremely small footprint (0.74m²), High strip rate: 100-100,000 Å/min (0.01 – 10 μm/min), High throughput of up to 65 wph with robotic handler, Eco-friendly “green” process with low gas usage, ICP downstream plasma prevents substrate damage, High reliability (only three moving parts), Effective replacement for toxic chemicals, Five (5) plasma modes with single or dual plasma configuration, – Mild anisotropic: downstream (electron free), active and RIE (Reactive Ion Etching), – Isotropic: active ion trap, downstream ion trap, Any mixture of up to 3 gas inputs (O₂, Ar or N₂ plasma), Four 406mm x 406mm standard sample trays (1651.6 cm²), Compact, tabletop unit ideal for R&D labs, Flexible system accommodates a variety of silanes, processes and surfaces, Vacuum dehydration followed by silane vapor deposition coating, Provides stable surface after exposure to atmospheric moisture, Excellent control of process parameters yielding very stable processes with minimal chemical usage, >100 chemical processes developed from organosilanes, PEG and biotin functional compounds, High throughput, low CoO solution for automated processing of 50-100 wafers, Handles up to 5 different chemicals with precise control, Excellent particle performance due to horizontal laminar flow, Fast, uniform, cost-effective priming of wafer surfaces with hexamethyldisilizane (HMDS) to improve photoresist adhesion, Vacuum cure dehydrates wafers thoroughly for a superior bond, HMDS layer remains stable even after weeks of exposure to atmospheric moisture, Advanced control systems offer user-selectable temperature, process time and chamber size, Lower chemical consumption and chemical cost, Laminar flow reduces/eliminates particles, Faster than atmospheric process with >60% higher throughput, 2-3X lower cost of ownership, 1.6-2x less N2 consumption and >98% uptime, 5-zone temperature control with < 1.0% uniformity, Laminar flow for excellent particle performance, Active heating and cooling for variable ramp-up and ramp-down.

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