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The post tagged the show’s main actors, including Haas, Michael Aloni (who plays the talented and morose Akivah aka ‘Kiveh’), Zohar Strauss (Lippe), and Neta Riskin (Gitty), as well as executive producer Dikla Barkai and creators Ori Elon and Yehonatan Indursky. Islam Channel fined £20,000 by Ofcom over ‘antisemitic hate speech’, Video shows two men stealing trousers from victim they call ‘Jew’ in Vienna, Rabbi Lau: Kristallnacht is a painful reminder of what we have in common, Holocaust survivor and Former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, writes why he is supporting the ‘Let There Be Light’ campaign to remember Kristallnacht, Siblings spread smiles to disadvantaged children during second lockdown, Natasha Langleben and Josh Adley, who launched Linkey UK, embark on initiative to ensure young people receive gifts during the holiday season. Yoav Rotman, who plays Ruchami’s husband, Chanina, also posted a picture of the two of them at what appears to be a table reading for Shtisel on his Instagram stories, also writing “Shtisel 3 Here we go.” Haas reposted the picture on her IG story with the caption, “I hope you’ve missed Chanine and Ruchami.”. Well, there’s obviously no date for that — yet. One of the guests is Joy, a Philippine chore woman attending the event with her employer, and who doesn't speak any Hebrew (she communicates mainly in English), and who is guilt-ridden after having left her young son behind in the Philippines. The journey leads them to absurd encounters, and brings them to a final test of father and son. Pour l’instant, Zingman prie « pour que rien ne nous arrive », s’exclame-t-il. It’s additionally been tough for the forged, mentioned Zingman. Aaron's life undergoes a series of emotional changes following the arrival of a young apprentice (Ran Danker) to his shop. We all need some good news right now. Quand les Arabes d’Israël réclament leur propre accord de « normalisation », Cette marque indélébile qu’Yitzhak Rabin m’a laissée, Au cours de notre entretien d’une heure, Rabin avait laissé entrevoir sa propre destinée tragique lorsqu’il m’avait dit qu’Israël prendrait beaucoup de risques pour la paix, Pourquoi Israël tarde à se faire une place au soleil, Jacques déplore une « performance » médiocre en termes d’exploitation des ressources naturelles, qui laisse Israël loin derrière les pays occidentaux et même certains pays pauvres. As a last ditch effort, before the case is dropped, Captain Reuven, the officer in charge of the case, sends police woman Aya (who also happens to be his lover) to befriend Patrick's neighbors and try to get evidence against him. No Comment, November 1, 2020 • Luckily, they’ll be able to get tips from Haas and her Unorthodox cast mates, who shot their show about the Satmar ultra-Orthodox community in the heat of a Berlin August last year. Being a community platform means so much more than producing a newspaper and website. “If somebody is sick or doesn’t really feel good, I inform them to not come,” mentioned Florentin. The mesmerizing Shira Haas reworking into our beloved Ruchami Weiss #shtisel three. Dovale Glickman, who performs Shulem Shtisel on the award-winning present, filming the third season in July 2020 (Courtesy Sure Studios). Zohar Zalman Strauss is an Israeli theater, film, and television actor. ‘Miriam’s death led to a drought and worse’, JN Podcast: The US election and Grange Hill nostalgia, Brazilian governor renounces father’s Nazi ties, but Jewish groups not satisfied. En studio, un inspecteur sanitaire est présent sur le plateau, qui s’assure que l’obligation du port du masque est respectée par tous. A drama centered on an orphaned Palestinian girl growing up in the wake of Arab-Israeli war who finds herself drawn into the conflict. (function(d, s, id)(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); November 4, 2020 • As LIRAZ lays the explosives which would destroy that very same structure that his friends had died defending, he witnesses the collapse of all he's been taught as an officer, and his soldier's mental and physical disintegration. var comment_counter = 0; Fortunately, eating places and cafes are open once more, for now. FB.init(); ». Heureusement, les restaurants et les cafés sont à nouveau ouverts – pour le moment. Producer Dikla Barkai brings Dov Glickman (Shulem), Michael Aloni (Akiva), Neta Riskin (Gitti), Sasson Gabai (Nukhem) and Zohar Strauss (Lipe) together to lift spirits for Pesach! Pour la plupart, cela revient à dire qu’ils voteraient pour lui, Che’hita : lettre ouverte au Grand Rabbin de France, Des fidèles juifs voudraient un débat sur les lois relatives à l’abattage rituel, au vu des images atroces des abattoirs de plus en plus relayées, Trump, mauvais pour l’Amérique et mauvais pour les Juifs, Avec un démagogue à la présidence du pays qui menace la démocratie américaine, je ne peux plus me taire, Banalisation de l’antisémitisme, fractures sociales, absence d’application de la loi : le triste bilan de Jean, Comment j’utilise une série TV saoudienne pour donner aux Juifs un visage humain, La série « Umm Haroun » est pleine de stéréotypes antisémites, mais elle représente pourtant un pas de géant – et un outil d’enseignement utile, Si les moins de 50 ans ont moins à craindre, un vaccin ne sauvera pas les vieux. “He was yelling on the actor, ‘You’re a nasty instance, you need everybody to assume we’re like this?’” mentioned Florentin. ולפעמים כשבא לי לחנוק אותך אני קמה בבוקר ושוכחת על מה כעסתי אבל אתה זוכר וממשיך את הברוגז וככה בדיוק לימדת אותי להיזהר לא להתפוצץ מכל שטות כי אז זה עולה לי ביוקר ????????????????????????????????????. By June, a resurgence of COVID-19 had begun in Israel, however filming started, as a result of the present does go on. Free Sign Up. “It’s instinctual to get shut and I’ve to recollect to not put my hand on somebody’s arm or shoulder after I’m making a degree. Au mois de juin, Ananey Studios, firme de ViacomCBS, a filmé ses toutes nouvelles stars – les chefs pâtissiers Keren et Itzik Kadosh, propriétaires de l’emblématique boulangerie éponyme à Jérusalem – déambulant dans les rues de la Ville sainte, présentant les meilleures boulangeries de la capitale pour « Baking Jerusalem ». Trouver des lieux pour les tournages représentent souvent le plus grand défi à relever pour les équipes face à cette crise sanitaire, commente Florentin. אני קשה אתה קשה יותר. Shooting for season 3 was slated to begin in May. ». La question est la même pour « La fille du policier » et pour « Les Shtisel », deux séries qui évoluent autour de personnages ultra-orthodoxes qui ne se prêtent guère à des démonstrations publiques d’affection. You’re all Jews now! He also won the ASSITEJ-Israel Award for Best Actor for the 2009/10 theater season. Like a synagogue, it’s where people turn to feel part of something bigger. Search the latest about Zohar Strauss on Bing, Four best friends from high school, meet 20 years later. Ananey produit actuellement huit émissions, notamment pour les enfants et les adolescents, explique sa directrice-générale Orly Atlas Katz. We have just a few more days remaining in the spring of 2020, and work has, in fact, started on Shtisel season 3. C’est au moins un détail dont n’auront pas à s’inquiéter les réalisateurs de cette série pendant ces tournages… particuliers. “We had planned to start filming season 3 in May,” said Dikla pictured with Neta.“But now everything is on hold until the lockdown is lifted. Turning the world Jewish! Due to the unprecedented international buzz, in May of last year, co-creator Indursky announced at a London event that the show was renewed for a third season. When Florentin started filming “The Policeman’s Daughter” in June, considered one of his places was in Bnei Brak, an ultra-Orthodox metropolis exterior Tel Aviv that was an epicenter of the coronavirus within the spring, and that was put below lockdown by the IDF’s House Entrance Command. This week: Borat and Rudy Giuliani, Progressively Speaking! For now, Zingman is “praying that nothing will occur to us,” he mentioned. Through the streets of Jerusalem two teenagers' stories will unite to tell the summer adventure of their lives. And if you’re a fellow fan of Shtisel, the Israeli show about our favorite lovable and somewhat dysfunctional ultra-Orthodox family, I have truly excellent news: Production on the series’ highly anticipated third season has officially begun! Inside weeks of filming, one of many present’s essential actors went into quarantine for 2 weeks after being briefly uncovered to her sister who bought contaminated. Thank you for helping to make Jewish News the leading source of news and opinion for the UK Jewish community. Back in March, I got to speak with actress Shira Haas about her other Netflix sensation, Unorthodox — and she told me that production for Shtisel‘s season 3 was slated to begin this spring. fbq('track', 'PageView'); Quand ce dernier a commencé à tourner « La fille du policier » au mois de juin, l’un des lieux choisis pour tourner la série était Bnei Brak, une localité ultra-orthodoxe située aux abords de Tel Aviv qui a représenté un épicentre du coronavirus au printemps, et qui a été soumise à un confinement placé sous l’autorité du Commandement intérieur de l’armée israélienne. Israeli firm seeks new CEO. Created and written by Ori Elon and Yehonatan Indursky, the series premiered on 29 June 2013 on yes Oh, and is distributed by the online streaming service Netflix. אבל בסודי סודות שנינו יודעים שלא יכולנו לעשות שום דבר לבד אני עם ראש יצירתי, תשוקה חסרת שליטה התלהבות והמון רעש מפעילה כל מה שנושם לידי, רוצה לעוף גבוה אתה מחזיק את החוט שומר עלינו בקרקע משחרר את החבל ומחזיק שלא אעוף גבוהה מידי ואלך לאיבוד. Meduzot (the Hebrew word for Jellyfish) tells the story of three very different Israeli women living in Tel Aviv whose intersecting stories weave an unlikely portrait of modern Israeli life. There’s no shortage of oys in the world but Jewish News takes every opportunity to celebrate the joys too, through projects like Night of Heroes, 40 Under 40 and other compelling countdowns that make the community kvell with pride.

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