WATCH: Mike Perry Punches Elderly Man During Bar Fight (Updated)

UPDATE: Perry was not arrested for allegedly assaulting a number of people in a Lubbock, Texas restaurant. Lubbock Police released the report on Thursday following the incident earlier this week. 

MMA fighting obtained the report. “Perry allegedly struck at least three different victims with one of the victims claiming he also struck a woman trying to break up the initial altercation.”

Perry was only charged with Class A assault, which is a misdemeanor and he will be required to make a court appearance over the charge. He could potentially face a fine up to $500.

ORIGINAL: Mike Perry was involved in a bar fight where he dropped an elderly man with a nasty right hand. 

MMA Eejit posted a video showing Perry with a female, who looks to be his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez. Perry had Gonzalez in his corner for his last fight. It’s unclear what caused the argument in the first place.

Perry called a man a “fat piece of sh*t” before dropping him after being shoved. Clearly, this isn’t a good look for Perry or the UFC. 

The UFC has yet to comment on the situation. Check out the full video here (punch occurs around the 50-second mark): 

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