Curtis Blaydes Explains Why He Thinks Stipe Miocic Will Beat Jon Jones

Curtis Blaydes UFC
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Curtis Blaydes has given his thoughts on the destined fight between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic. 

No date or location has yet to be confirmed, but it seems destined to be before the end of 2022 in what could be one of the biggest fights in UFC heavyweight history.

“I feel like when you say people, do you mean casuals or do you mean the educated MMA fans?” Blaydes said in reaction on The Fighter vs. The Writer. “Because I think the educated MMA fans understand this fight is legitimately a pick ‘em. It could go either way.”

“Jon, he hasn’t shown that one-punch knockout power,” Blaydes explained. “What he has shown, he is extremely creative. He’ll hit you with elbows, knees, teeps, all types of different stuff. Even on the ground, he’s aggressive. He’s looking for submissions. He’s looking to drop elbows. He brings a lot to the table, but the biggest thing he doesn’t have is the power. I think that’s always the equalizer.

“I would pick Stipe to win this. Just because he’s been in five-round heavyweight fights multiple times and he’s shown one-punch power when he knocked out Fabricio [Werdum], when he knocked out Alistair [Overeem]. I know that wasn’t one punch, but it was one punch that set up the finish. He’s already shown that, and he has the wrestling, he has the conditioning. I just believe he’s a smart enough fighter, he’ll be able to figure out Jon after two or three rounds. He’ll start to land. His punches are going to hurt more than the punches of a Jon Jones. That’s just what I think. I think it could go either way.”

Transcription courtesy of MMA Fighting

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