Michael Chandler thinks he and Conor McGregor ‘would make some fireworks’

Michael Chandler
Photo Credit: Twitter

Michael Chandler thinks a fight with Conor McGregor would be a memorable one, but he wants the former two-division champ to return at the right time. 

McGregor broke his leg in an injury TKO loss to Dustin Poirier last July. 

Chandler finished Tony Ferguson with a vicious front kick to the face at UFC 274 in May. 

“The sport is better, and the organization and our lightweight division is better when Conor McGregor is part of it,” Chandler told TMZ. “That being said, he needs to come back at the right time.”

“I do think it opens up the door,” said Chandler, a former Bellator champion. “If Conor’s coming back anytime soon – you know I’m not booked right now. If Conor’s coming back anytime soon, I think me and Conor would make some fireworks, and it’s a fight that fans want to see. I think it’s the biggest fight that we can make in mixed martial arts right now. And I try to say that as humbly as possible, but I think it’s a huge fight.”

“I’ll definitely wait until January, February,” Chandler said. “But at this point, I mean, if he’s not coming back and there’s no guarantee that the fight is happening to put those pieces of the puzzle together to make those two stars align at the right time, at the right place, I would have to move on. …

“I think me and Conor happens no matter what eventually. It’s gonna happen down the line. I don’t know if it’s next.”

Transcription courtesy of MMAJunkie