Michael Chandler teases big fight announcement coming soon

Michael Chandler
Photo Credit: Twitter

It turns out that Michael Chandler and Dustin Poirier may throw down after all.

They were recently involved in an altercation while in attendance for UFC 276, and fans have wanted to see them fight since then. 

Michael Chandler teases big fight announcement coming soon

“As of right now, me and Poirier are the only guys that are not matched up inside the top five,” Chandler said backstage at UFC Fight Night 208 on Saturday. “There’s no secret Dustin Poirier and I have been on a collision course to stepping inside the octagon.”

He continued, “I’m not waiting. I think you’re gonna hear some fight news coming soon and it could be me and Dustin Poirier. We’ll see.”

Chandler added that he doesn’t know where Poirier’s hostility towards him is coming from:

“In his mind, he’s got some ill-will towards me if you will and it’s gonna make it that much easier to knock him out whenever he oversteps if he and I do step inside the octagon, but I have not lost one minute of sleep thinking about Dustin Poirier, and I’m gonna keep on doing what I’m doing until the fight gets announced and then I’m gonna go out there and finish my next opponent and become UFC champion next year.”

Transcription courtesy of MMAJunkie