Dana White: Paddy Pimblett has ‘Conor McGregor vibe’

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Photo Credit: Twitter

Dana White sees money in Paddy Pimblett, who is undefeated thus far, and is looking to replicate what he had in Conor McGregor. 

The UFC President recently acknowledge what he has in the young star:

Dana White: Paddy Pimblett has ‘Conor McGregor vibe’

“This kid — to talk about championship stuff right now, it’s a little too soon, but he’s got that Conor McGregor vibe,” White told media after the Season 6 premiere of the Contender Series (h/t TheMacLife). “When he walks out, when he’s in the arena, the way that the fans receive him, the way that the media covers him, the way that the people who search for content…

“I wanna show you something, this is pretty amazing. On my Instagram, this is me, not UFC or whatever … Paddy Pimblett’s faceoff … the main event, the heavyweights, [Curtis] Blaydes and [Tom Aspinall] did 203,000 views on my Instagram. Paddy Pimblett’s faceoff did 1.7 million. Isn’t that crazy? I’ll give you another example, ‘F—k It Friday’ is massive. Massive. It did 1.3 million on mine. [Then] it was Molly [McCann] drinking the Howler Head [whiskey] with the thing (wig) on, that did two million. So, those two together, yeah, they’re powerful, man.”

“I think what we do next is we take him to either Boston or New York and he ends up on pay-per-view then you bring him to Vegas,” White said.