Kevin Holland breaks down what Kamaru Usman needs to do to prove he’s a GOAT

Kamaru Usman

Kevin Holland is fully aware of the steps Kamaru Usman must take to establish himself as the greatest fighter ever.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Holland discussed Usman’s place in the pantheon of fighters. Holland feels that the young welterweight contenders shouldn’t be pitted against one another in future fights.

Instead, he would prefer to see these young athletes paired with more established athletes, possibly increasing the reputation of the younger competitors and producing new stars against whom Usman might defend his title.

Kevin Holland breaks down what Kamaru Usman needs to do to prove he’s a GOAT

“If Usman is at 170 pounds, he needs new faces,” Kevin Holland said. “He has Chimaev, somebody like Sean Brady, there’s another new guy, he’s up-and-coming. He’s pretty badass … I can’t say his name right, so I don’t want to mess it up. I mean there’s so many guys out there that would make good fights for Usman on the up and coming.

“And you could put me at the very tail end of that. You got to give us some of those OGs so you can get some fresh blood. I mean, I think some of the younger guys should fight more of the OGs so they can be ready to have the name to fight Usman, so Usman can get some more fun fights underneath his belt.

“If he truly is a GOAT, he can have multiple names, new names, old names, all names … but this is the only way to find out if he’s the GOAT is to give him fresh faces. Can’t give him fresh faces if all of us keep fighting each other and the old guys keep fighting each other. So let’s spread it out.”