UFC star takes issue with Amanda Nunes’ ‘cocky’ claim

Amanda Nunes vs. julianna pena
Photo Credit: Twitter

Belal Muhammad believes that Julianna Pena’s performance versus Amanda Nunes was not accurately reflected by the results.

This past Saturday at UFC 277 in Dallas, Pena was deposed by Nunes in a lopsided unanimous decision, as she lost the women’s bantamweight title in a rematch.

UFC star takes issue with Amanda Nunes’ ‘cocky’ claim

Pena put on a strong and tenacious performance, never relinquishing the fight and consistently throwing up submissions from the ground up. But Nunes repeatedly knocked “The Venezuelan Vixen” to the ground and took her down, battering and bloodying her. Nunes said in her post-fight press conference that she had the ability to finish Pena but chose not to in order to show that their previous encounter was an aberration.

Pena’s teammate Muhammad calls shenanigans.

“There’s moments in the fight where Julianna could have won that fight,” Muhammad said on his Instagram. “Amanda [Nunes], I felt like, is getting too cocky. She’s getting too arrogant saying, ‘I could have finished her in the first round if I wanted to, but I wanted to go five rounds so I could show her who’s better,’ blah, blah, blah. Get out of here with that. You couldn’t finish her.

“I think Amanda started taking her down in the third, fourth and fifth round because she didn’t want to get caught again on the feet. She knows that Julianna punches hard, her eye was very swollen, she was on crutches leaving. So, she was definitely in a fight. It wasn’t a dominating fight like a lot of people are making it out to be.”

Transcription courtesy of MMAJunkie