Anthony Pettis: fighters are ‘addicted’ to fame UFC brings to them

Anthony Pettis

Anthony Pettis didn’t require much assistance to become famous. A lot of the work was done by the “Showtime” kick and other highlight-reel performances. A box of Wheaties helped out.

Due to his position, Pettis has a unique perspective on the MMA lifecycle. He entered the management industry for this reason, among others. It also explains why he is often shocked by the decisions that his customers make.

Anthony Pettis: fighters are ‘addicted’ to fame UFC brings to them

“I’ve got fighters that will say no to more money just to get on The Contender Series,” Pettis said Wednesday on The MMA Hour.

“You can’t really do anything,” he said. “You’re like, ‘Dude, this is guaranteed money – you can still build yourself and build your career – if that’s what makes sense for your career, then go to that.’ But I think eventually, once the general public stops pushing that on fighters, then we’ll see fighters making different decisions.”

“It’s weird,” he said. “I think the fame that comes with fighting in the UFC, these fighters are addicted to that. They want that more than the guarantee. They’re like, I’m willing to risk not getting paid a certain amount to get the fame that comes with it and the recognition that comes with fighting on a UFC fight card.

“The general public looks at the UFC like it’s the best place to fight, it’s the only place to fight. But as fighters, you’re supposed to take care of yourself. Most guys don’t get to fight as long as I got to fight. So I got to see all the phases of the MMA chain, from when the UFC got bought out to the WME, how those changes happened.

“So I think fighters should definitely test the market. And there’s so many more organizations coming out now that are paying good guys. Eagle FC, Khabib’s show, they’re paying guys good money.”

Transcription courtesy of MMA Fighting