UFC’s Paddy Pimblett explains reckless fighting style

Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett won another fight at UFC London, but he once again felt unsatisfied with his own performance.

Pimblett defeated Jordan Leavitt by submission, but in his post-fight interview, he expressed that he wasn’t quite satisfied with the result. This was an unexpected statement given that Pimblett increased his record inside the octagon to 3-0 with three finishes.

Pimblett discussed what he could have done better in an interview on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday after Leavitt presented him with a difficult assignment.

Paddy Pimblett explains reckless fighting style

“That’s just how I am sometimes,” Pimblett said. “I was disappointed in my performance, I felt like I should have went out there and blasted him out in a round. I know I still finished him, finished someone that’s never been finished before. He’s had 11 pro fights, lost one, and never been finished and I choked his ass. He got dealt with like I knew he was going to get dealt with. I said the whole time he’s going to get finished, I thought it was going to be a knockout but he defends punches well, it’s quite weird. He doesn’t like to defend them in a skillful way, but he defends them well and then he just grabs a hold of you.”

“I can fight like that every time,” Pimblett said. “I’m a big, fat bastard at the minute, but if someone rang me now and said, ‘Get outside for a straightener,’ I’d be out there beating them up.

“I enjoy getting punched and punching people in the face. It sounds very weird, but I enjoy it.”

Transcription courtesy of MMA Fighting