Michael Bisping fires back at Conor McGregor’s threat

Michael Bisping

Conor McGregor, a UFC superstar, and Michael Bisping are still at odds.

Fans of mixed martial arts have witnessed what appears to be a boiling point in the conflict between Conor McGregor and Michael Bisping, both former UFC champions.

Starting off with some unprompted tweets McGregor threw out criticizing Bisping’s acting abilities.

Michael Bisping on Conor McGregor’s threat

“Bisping, remember that show you were in. Ye me neither,” McGregor would tweet.

McGregor would threaten to “cave in” Bisping’s brain before leaving a voice message, further threatening Bisping, after receiving a reaction from Bisping via his podcast, Believe You Me.

“Do you want to go to war, man, yeah? McGregor asked. “Do you want to go to f****** war? We’ll go to war with you, yeah? Security. You little sausage of a thing. I’ll have security set you up when you’re in Vegas again, pal. Keep my name out of your f****** mouth again or any type of threatening behavior, or I’ll walk through your front door. You little dope. [Go] back where you belong you little clown, you little sprinter.‘ (H/T DailyMail)

“Conor, relax buddy,” Bisping began. “I’ve been told to keep his name out of my f**king mouth  I’m not going to do that. I can’t do that. I talk MMA and he’s the biggest superstar in MMA. When you become a star of that magnitude, people are going to talk.